A Very Gritty Versatile (DD)

Or shall I say Catchy?  This dog would be DQ’d in a hog bay, might be way too gritty for its own good..

This breed and breed club is all of 30 yrs old in the USA and less that in Russia, due to the Communist Wall.

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Germany- Boar Baying (Sau Jager) SJ Test

The Boar are from 80-200 lbs, similar to US Hog bays…


Weimaraner-Not the Americanized William Wegman kind…


Nice Munsterlander working below…


Below:  It all came together nicely-DD bays perfectly, boar enters clearing & harvested, Dog lives to bay another day.






Elsewhere in Europe & less formal- a Weimaraner.  The ideo is to teach ones dogs manners so it doesnt get killed.


Actual Boar Hunt in Germany


Lastly, A First Class Kennel Operation


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Hardness Personified

A wild encounter- brush pile.
Drahthaar locates a coon scent, trails, locates and closes.
Coon is dispatched within 30 seconds. Starts at 1 mimute.
Close at 1:20. Every drahthaar that is bred is expected to do just this.
No barking, no posturing, Just Close.


In Russia- acclimation to vermin. Ive never seen this formally before.

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Airedale vs German Versatiles-Video

All this demonstrates is the obvious.  These are video samples available on Youtube.

Watching the Airedale search could be worse than watching paint dry. Some airedale owners say their dogs can hunt all day.  Well, that is obvious, as they go at a snails pace.  They are not even used in their homeland of England to hunt, with hunters opting for  Cockers, Springers and Labs to produce game, as well as specialist pointers and Euro versatiles.

VS Kurzhaar

Vs Drahthaar  (Nice slam point of wild game at 1:43) HZP Intermediate test 18mo old dog

Vs Cesky Fousek (Not German, but close enough to illustrate my point)


European Pudelpointer.. Field work at about 6:30

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Airedales Well Suited As Trapline Dogs


This work requires a steady dog, and not too brave as an engagement will damage the valuable fur, with decent nose, to locate trapped game animals that have run off from a trap set. Airedales are said to be perfect for this work.

Note: Some trappers do not anchor their leg traps to prevent chewed off paws, so instead of anchoring, they use a (ninja like) small grapple hook at the end of the trap to snag in the brush and in most cases, the animals is naturally snagged, and does not engage in self mutilation.  Im not a big fan of leg hold traps personally, preferring water drown type sets or humane foot traps, in additional to conibears as I used as a kid when fur paid decently.






Above is a German Bred Wachtelhund, used as a Den Dog to enter a coyote den, seek and destroy- momma, papa and adolescent coyote pups. This one is used by a licensed game hunter out West with great success.  They are not known for standing and barking at vermin but closing on it.


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100 Years Later Hunting Line Airedales-Still Failing

Here are 4 of them, A Pack- with 2 not fully grown, and they still cannot and will not close hard on a coon. Lots of  non committal biting and re-gripping under pressure from the coon fighting back. Obviously, not Hard dogs. A 20# Jagd is 4xs more hell that 4 of these curs. Watch the 2 adult dales. Lastly, I don’t think these videos are a good idea, especially using an Animal as bait if you’re trying to make a point.   It just backfires and shows the dogs are ‘yella’ curs and is gratuitous violence, not related to training or hardness testing, and doing this nonsense on film does nothing to enhance the image of hunting or hunters.

And Below is in Europe with their version of a raccooon.  The raccoon is awakened and the Dale gets startled when it wakes, opting to not close on it.  Call the reinforcements-Jagd or Drahthaar

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Airedale Runs From Coyote

I hear tell very little training involved. All natural for the breed. 

About 9 minutes into the video if you fast forward.

Real terriers dont run from vermin as coyote decoy dogs, they close, fight and kill or die trying.

Good luck finding a real Jagd, Patterdale, Pit, Working Irish, Kerry Blue or  Drahthaar to run FROM a coyote!!  

Airedales are indeed a failure as this blog so aptly demonstrates, but feed whatever breed you wish.

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