Airedales: Grit? Overrated Reputation- See Dogos


Above:  Argentinian DOGOs Closing On a Mountain Lion.

You wont find an Airedale doing this, or much anything else.  Their reputation is greatly exaggerated by the ignorant.  Ive yet to see airedales on video or photo with their teeth ON Fur, one on one, Closing on dangerous game like Badgers, Hogs et al.

A Dogo, Jagd Terrier, Catahoula/Lacy/Black Mouth Cur or Deutsch Drahthaar seem to be a much better choice for serious hunters. It doesnt cost any more to feed a real hunting dog.

Dogos In Action


Combat with a Cougar, Not Declawed, obviously


As to their gameness, “Stonehenge,” in his “Dogs of the British Isles,” gave Airedales a very bad character indeed, so far as courage was concerned.

“Airedale terriers are a Failure.
The result of my experiences of them is that I find them to have good noses, they will beat a hedgerow, will find and kill rats and rabbits, and work well with ferrets. They are good water dogs and companions, possessing a fair amount of intelligence. This is the sum total of their excellence. They came to me with a great reputation for gameness, but out of fourteen that I have personally tried at badger and fighting with a bull terrier, I have Never found one game – at least, to my idea of the

But any terrier that would do the above work better than another would be worth keeping. Were a dog like he of 45 1b. weight or more to be used at a badger he should kill the poor brute instead of merely “drawing” him.’

This is strong speaking, but this gentleman’s experiences corroborate every word of what has gone before, and the woeful exhibition made by some Airedales when tried at a badger at Wolverhampton last January was literally the laugh of the show.

So far, I am aware that my endeavours to supply information about the origin of the Airedale have not been attended with success, but upon the merits of the breed I can speak with more authority, having had the benefit of the experience of a gentleman who took it up some short time back from the glowing accounts he had heard of its gameness and bottom. The result was most mortifying.

He could make nothing of the dogs, and was heartily glad to get rid of them. Prom what he tells me concerning Airedales, I have no doubt that they potter about the banks of a river, and take water well, and that they will kill rats, which, as they scale from 401b. to 501b., is not much in their favour.

I think that those individuals who at Wolverhampton show about 1883 made a semi-public exhibition of him against a badger, an animal the like of which the poor dog had never seen before, were extremely badly advised.

As for fighting, any terrier fond of it is a nuisance to his owner and to the owner of any other dog. For the Airedale terrier was claimed superiority as a worker of the riverside after rats, and as an assistant to the gun in working hedgerows and thick coppices, which, it was said, he could do better than a spaniel and take up less room than a retriever.’

I will even go further, and admit that specimens may be produced which will tackle a badger under protest; but not another step will I go in favour of the Airedales as a game, hard-bitten race.
Summing up the merits and demerits of the breed, it must be said of the Airedale that his want of heart, his size, the diversity of types, and tendency to throw back in breeding, are great drawbacks, which his fondness for water, scarcely out-balances.

Therefore, when we find, as I believe we can, that a wire-haired Scotch, Dandie Dinmont, Skye, Irish, or small bull terrier possesses all the gameness of the Airedale (in addition to which they take up one quarter of the room, and can go to earth), the question only remains, ” Why keep an Airedale ?

A Dogo on Mountain Lion, you wont catch any Airedale doing this.


Airedale from Top Hunting Kennel, Closer?

A Comment / lame excuse was made implying Airedales were bred down for less dog aggression, and that is why they are no longer hard on game.
But this excuse is hollow in that it is not the case with Dogos, Jadg Terriers, Drahthaars and Pitbulls that are also hunted on game, are hard, and pack well with other dogs.

Drahthaars Will Close:

Drahthaar & Badger Dispatched

Drahthaar & badger
Drahthaar & Badgers Killed

Lets Review.
2 Airedales will not close on a badger-sniffing and barking
Airedale and badger

Seen Enough Yet? Want More?
For Comparison Sake, This and EVERY VDD German Bred Drahthaar, Find, Close and Dispatch a vermin/badger, what a hard hunt dog Should do..Or it wont be bred per rigorous VDD breeding restrictions.


Closers or Cowards?
Were I looking for a Serious Hunting dog, Id look elsewhere.
See February archives of Drahthaars, Jadgs & Dogos-Hard Hunters.
The Frauds are now being Exposed…

This is a 3 legged, trapped Bobcat and an adult Airedale from a Very Respected ‘Hunting’ Kennel in the USA Unwilling to engage and close on a 3 legged vermin, much smaller in size.
For this reason among others, the Breed is a Failure and its Reputation vastly overrated by the Frauds.

More standing around barking….3 on 1.
Grit? lol
The cur/pit cross shows more, and thats saying alot…

Airedale wont engage even when offered a neck from a nearly dead coyote. Better Call for backup ie the Drahthaar or Jagd to Put teeth on fur.

A German Bred Jagd Terrier. See A Trend, yet?
& Badger Killed Single Handedly

21# Bobcat killed single handedly by 19# Jagd

Badgers are Serious Vermin and can injure much larger dogs-A Lurcher with European badger wounds.
2 Jagds work over a cat.

Another German Bred dog tough on Furred Vermin
The Deutsch Drahthaar

All Examples of Versatility shown by Deutsch Drahthaars
From dispatching Vermin, treeing, trailing, dead game baying or outpointing a pointer.
And note quietness on a chain gang.

* See Feb 2013 Archives for more stories and photos of other breeds.

DD & Coyote

Will Even Fetch Coyotes After Dispatching, if Need be.

Drahthaars & Bulldog Catch dog
2 Drahthaars & Bulldog Vested and Ready To Boar Hunt

Drahthaars &amp Jagds on Hog
Drahthaars & Jagds Closing On Wild Boar

Drahthaar & Cheetah

Dead Game Bayer

Pointer Backing a Drahthaar

This is a typical Drahthaar that would rather die of hypothermia than refuse an icy retrieve

Drahthaar & Raccoons
A Coon Hunting Drahthaar above.
This same dog also works well in the uplands, duck blind and is a great deer recovery blood tracking dog.

USA- Young Drathaar & Jagds Baying a Hog

Sheriffs Dept Certified Search & Rescue Drahthaar

Hunting Airedale is an OxyMoron
The Airedale is a crafted breed, a novelty.
Jack of all, Master of Nothing. Disappointment in most.

Their origins lie in the Aire valley and they were formerly known as the Bingly terrier , we can be pedantic and insist that to hold the title of terrier a dog must be able to go to ground.

Real Working terriers do not have a Long Hair coat, that requires cutting to make it look like a terrier, a real terrier coat is plucked or stripped, a true wire coat, its a lovely thing.
The other is the mindset.
Game, something the airedale is not, as shown and illustrated. Lack of Hardness On Game is a better description.

During the first half of the 20th century, before the German Shepherd, Drahthaar, Jagd had even been conceived, Airedales had been tried at police work, and used by many nations during both world wars as Suicide bomber dogs (Starved and trained to run to enemy tanks for food), and messengers, and hunting on both sides of the Atlanticplace was fairly common.

Airedales claim to fame in war was as messengers, or they were trained to go to enemy tanks and conditioned to be fed, they were then starved and had explosives strapped to them ie Suicide bomber dogs. They were that expendable.
Many breeds hadn’t yet evolved, so the English tried them at a few tasks, but they never had proven their mettle outside of England and were soon replaced by other more capable breeds.

Far as hunting, they didn’t and don’t run Airedale packs-Not enough nose, too much trash running, and they run hot.
They were added to some packs where grit was lacking (Before Jagds and Drahthaars were conceived), but with right hounds, its not necessary, they are more a liability imo.
Oorang was marketing hype.

Present day they are probably a shadow of their former selfs, thought they were acknowledged as ‘A Failure’ then by working dog man, but of course, no one should be surprised if now and then a ‘gud un’ comes along every 1 in 10,000 or so.

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5 Responses to Airedales: Grit? Overrated Reputation- See Dogos

  1. AK says:

    Daily Terrier Dose Website:

    ‘The Airedale is almost pure Otterhound underneath it all, and is a terrier in appearance only due to the tremendous amount of clipping that goes into making it look like a Welsh Terrier.
    Go look at an old Airedale photo ( It is not a very old breed) and you will see that it is just an odd looking Otterhound that has been tidied up.
    A hound is not a terrier, nor does the Airedale fit within the terrier form or function mold.
    Adding the name ‘terrier’ to the name, doesnt change the reality.’

  2. Ak says:

    This is a sad commentary on this breed…1 in 4 Airedales since 2007 can pass a 100-200 yard tracking drag.

    ‘From 27 Annual HWTA Field Nationals, Sept 14-16 2012:
    The Official 3 Days of HWA Hunt tests and workshops started on Friday morning with the fur tests. For the first time in memory, humane traps set out to capture live raccoons for our test came up empty, except for one young oppossum, who then became the default fur critter in the cage.
    With a raccoon pelt for added appeal, the Airedales were tasked with following a raccoon scented track to a distant tree, where the caged critter was suspended (In a tree).
    3 Airedales ran the Senior Test 200 yard track and one Airedale followed a 100 yard Junior Track. In the end, only one senior dog qualified.”

    Please note the every German Bred Pudelpointer, Drahthaar, Kurzhaar, Munsterlander, Jagd et al must perform a 300 yard Track and retrieve twice in its Natural ability Test before 18 months!! (HZP) test-one is fur, the other waterfowl.
    This, in addition to field and water work, there is Mandatory hip and bite screening, Hardness on vermin with fanged critter (ie Dispatch said critter- Coyote, Badger, Raccon in the field while hunting). These are minimum breeding certifications.

    This does not include the Senior VGP which also includes 6 hour, 600 meter blood tracking and 28 other testing subjects over 2 days-Filed, Water, Obedience.
    There are also 20 and 40 hour blood tracking tests close to 1000 meters in length for these hunting dogs. These are mandatory breeding certifications. IN Europe, they are mandatory to Hunt your dog legally.
    In 2007, 26% of Airedales passed a Fur test drag at the National event, 6 dogs Passed of 36 dogs entered!
    To date, there are but a few (Count on 1 hand) Airedales that have titled in the ‘Master’ Fur track, a 300 yard drag in 5 years of testing and close to 100 entries.

    The Master fur dog title at the Airedale Nationals ( 300 hundred meter) is part of the HZP and passed by every DD that gets used for breeding. The point was that every DD at HZP level is a Master Fur Dog by Airedale Standards.

  3. gjonah says:

    forkehornreggie 15 July 2012:
    ‘I have an Airdale and I found him on a website called “Hunting” Highcountry Airedales.
    What is ironic is that when a gun is brought out he runs and is Extremly Scared.
    His parents were Winchester and Remington. Good thing I’m an archerer instead of a gun hunter.’

  4. gjonah says:

    ‘I’ve had two Airedales from top hunting lines and they were both chicken-shits.’
    -Mike Berger

  5. serg says:

    hey this might be a stupid question but whats the difference between a drahthaar and german wire-haired pointer? anyone?

    The Breeding.
    German Wirehairs are Pointers, Not Versatiles, thyre not bred to be Versatiles and Not Closers on fur or bred for tracking by US crap breeders..Deutsch Drahthaar translates into German Wirehair, whilst German Wirehair Pointer is the AKC name, POINTER is the operative word.
    Just as the Game bred Pit bulls are not longer AKC American Staffordshire Terriers, you wont see AST in the pits, will you?
    Springer spaniels and Cockers were once the same breed too, now they are about 5 different strains of 2 different breeds. Different priorities and focuses.

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