Gritty Drahthaar & Dispatched Badger

Gritty Wasatch Drahtaar & US Badger
There are Dogs that will close on serious vermin like Badgers.
Jagds, Drahthaars, German bred Kurzhaars & Longhaars, Pits and Dogos all will put teeth on fur. Unlike Airedales and other dogs said to be ‘gritty’.


Well Established US Hunting Bred Airedale: Closer?

German Bred Drahthaar by Comparison, WILL Close. Talk is cheap.
Photos and Video does not Lie.


All Examples of Versatility shown by Deutsch Drahthaars
From dispatching Vermin, treeing, trailing, dead game baying or outpointing a pointer.
And note quietness on a chain gang.

* See Feb 2013 Archives for more stories and photos of other breeds.

Nice Looking Drahthaar

Tracking Dangerous Game

Will Even Fetch Coyotes After Dispatching, if Need be.

Drahthaars & Bulldog Catch dog
2 Drahthaars & Bulldog Vested and Ready To Boar Hunt

Drahthaars &amp Jagds on Hog
Drahthaars & Jagds Closing On Wild Boar

Drahthaar & Cheetah

Dead Game Bayer


Pointer Backing a Drahthaar

Drahthaar backing Pointer-Chukar Hunt

This is a typical Drahthaar that would rather die of hypothermia than refuse an icy retrieve



Drahthaar & Raccoons
A Coon Hunting Drahthaar above.
This same dog also works well in the uplands, duck blind and is a great deer recovery blood tracking dog.



USA- Young Drathaar & Jagds Baying a Hog

Sheriffs Dept Certified Search & Rescue Drahthaar

Search & Rescue Drahthaar.  Police K9 Drahthaar used for drugs, cadaver and missing persons.

Even used to close on wounded Wolves in Russia

And Russian Bear

US bear

DD getting ready to close on a badger

Working a Russian Boar

Finishing Off a Tracked Deer

German Style Cut Vests

Very Dog Aggressive

Sharptail Grouse, 1 of the most Difficult Birds to Hunt

African Wart Hog

Nice looking DD

Winning Drahthaar Sld Team in New Zealand

Drahthaar on Cold Montana duck Hunt

Drahthaar Goose Hunting in Montana in -23F Weather
Goose Hunting Drahthaar in Cold Montana

Whats an icy retrieve? Nothing for a dog with drive.

More Photos Below in Comments…

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13 Responses to Gritty Drahthaar & Dispatched Badger

  1. AK says:

    Drahthaar & Badger Dispatched

    Drahthaar & badger
    Drahthaar & Badgers Killed

  2. AK says:

    Video of a Ridgeback, another dog thought to be a ‘gritty’ hunter, just barking at a badger.
    This dog Will not close.

  3. gjonah says:

    Drahthaar working on Blood tracking and some reward at the end of the track.. 🙂

  4. gjonah says:

    An experience typical of the Drahthaars Persistence in game recovery, taken from a US Kennel:

    ‘T is also trained as a blood-tracking dog for recovering wounded hoofed-game while on lead. In her slide show, you’ll see a shot from her first “real” track – a spike buck that she located on a 16-hour old blood track.
    More recently, she was started after dark on a blood track and took it for about two hours.
    We then took her back mid-morning of the next day, and she continued the blood track for well over another mile and a half, mostly through cedar swamp hummocks and a huge flooded meadow, until she produced the deer.
    We watched the huge buck bound off for a couple hundred yards, apparently none the worse for wear. We then walked back to the truck on as straight a line as possible – the Astro said that Tavi had traveled 5.8 miles from the first moment she had been put on the track.’

  5. gjonah says:

    US bred VDD Drahthaars being used by a Southern nuisance hunter to safely remove feral hogs from traps, the only safe way to do so.

  6. gjonah says:

    Young Drahthaar baying Boar in forested bay pen

  7. gjonah says:

    German Super Dog – Drahthaar

  8. Todd Schmidt says:

    Drahthaar Runs down a Hare in Germany at 3 minutes in..

    And here in a Hog Pack in Bulgaria at 4 minutes in

  9. Todd Schmidt says:

    Some idiots think Pheasants are not Pointed over their Versatile dogs.. This video is for them

  10. bharford says:

    Re: airedale x jagterrier cross?

    by desertdog » Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:35 pm

    I’ve had 2 Airedales from working lines and they were completely worthless. And especially the one from the guy with the website in CA. A chickenshit, inbred cripple that is possibly the dumbest dog I’ve ever owned. And I thought horse traders were crooks..

  11. bharford says:

    Updated Drahthaar Blog with some of the best photos of the Drathaar hunting….

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