Real Hunting Terriers-German Jagd Terriers

Courtesy of California Catchers.
A Jagd & Mighty Patterdale Catching a Feral CA Hog.

Sniper-Jagd horizontal while catching a CA Boar. Was not hurt and slammed right back into the Hog.

Leggy Boar Hunting Jagd (California Cathcers)

Real Hunting Terriers-German Jadg Terriers

Real Hunting Terriers-German Jagd Terriers Treeing a Mountan Lion in Southwest US & Below with a Dispatched Badger, a feat for any dog, let alone a small den terrier that is outweighed by the badger.

21#lb Bobcat killed single handedly by 19# Jagd

A Coon was next. This is what real terriers are.

2 Jagds work over a lynx

Insane little dogs. Jagds closing on a Coyote

Jagd on US Badger

Young Jagd Closing on US Badger


Jagdterrier aka Jagd Terrorist

Dynamite does indeed come in a small package, as does the Jagd Terrier.
The German Jagdterrier (Pronounced “Yack-terrier”) was developed over eighty years ago in Germany by crossing the original old English Fox Terrier and the Black and Tan Hunting Terrier.
These crossings, with years of selective and intensive breeding, have produced the modern German Jagdterrier, a dog bred and used exclusively for hunting.

Jagdterriers, like many of the finest hunting dogs, are
European dogs bred and brought over from Europe. The better dogs have many working titles in their backgrounds with titles including International fox, badger, boar champions.

Jagdterriers see a variety of game, as they should and must be hunted weekly! Some refer to them by another name: psychos.
They are used for ground/stump hole dogs for raccoons and opossums, as well as in brush piles/old home sites for foxes, coons, and the occasional bobcat, bay dogs for black bear and wild boar, and tracking dogs.

They have a natural retrieving desire, and a love for water to fetch ducks.
They are not pets, but GAME terriers, and should hunted extensively throughout the year. They are exclusively for hunting, and are too much for anyone looking at a pet.
No matter the terrain, temperatures, or game one is after, Jagd terriers are an excellent choice.
Remember, these are versatile dogs, meant for a variety of game and tasks. They only exist, TO Hunt!

This is an Airedale from a well established Hunting Kennel

Adult Male Airedale Will Not Close on 3 legged, trapped Raccoon.

Drahthaars Will Close:

Drahthaar & Badger Dispatched

Drahthaar & badger
Drahthaar & Badgers Killed

Lets Review.
2 Airedales will not close on a badger-sniffing and barking
Airedale and badger

Seen Enough Yet? Want More?
For Comparison Sake, This and EVERY VDD German Bred Drahthaar, Find, Close and Dispatch a vermin/badger, what a hard hunt dog Should do..Or it wont be bred per rigorous VDD breeding restrictions.

Closers or Cowards? 4 on 1 and Coyote gives more than he gets.
Were I looking for a Serious Hunting dog, Id look elsewhere.
See February archives of Drahthaars, Jadgs & Dogos-Hard Hunters.
Frauds are now being Exposed…

This is a 3 legged, trapped Bobcat and an adult Airedale from a Very Respected ‘Hunting’ Kennel in the USA Unwilling to engage and close on a 3 legged vermin, much smaller in size.
For this reason among others, the Breed is a Failure and its Reputation vastly overrated by the Frauds.

More standing around barking….3 on 1.
Grit? lol
The cur/pit cross shows more, and thats saying alot…

Better Call for Reinforcements.
Please Lend this Airedale owner a Jagd or Drahthaar to pull some fur.

Airedale wont engage even when offered a neck from a nearly dead coyote.
Better Call for backup ie the Drahthaar or Jagd to Put teeth on fur.

Badgers are Serious Vermin and can injure much larger dogs-A Lurcher with European badger wounds.

Another great working breed, a tough as nails Patterdale Terrier, Most are closers and game on badger and fox and even larger game like hogs and coyotes (Not wise to use them alone unless there is backup, or they will be killed by coyotes).


All Examples of Versatility shown by Deutsch Drahthaars
From dispatching Vermin, treeing, trailing, dead game baying or outpointing a pointer. A Real and Hard VERSATILE Dog.
* See Feb 2013 Archives for more stories and photos of other breeds.

DD & Coyote

Will Even Fetch Coyotes After Dispatching, if Need be.

Drahthaar Closing On a Badger

Drahthaars & Bulldog Catch dog
2 Drahthaars & Bulldog Vested and Ready To Boar Hunt

Drahthaars &amp Jagds on Hog
Drahthaars & Jagds Closing On Wild Boar

Drahthaar & Cheetah

Dead Game Bayer
Dead game Bayer

Pointer Backing a Drahthaar
Pointer Backing Drahthaar

Typical Drahthaar that would rather die of hypothermia than refuse an icy retrieve

Drahthaar & Raccoons
A Coon Hunting Drahthaar above.
This same dog also works well in the uplands, duck blind and is a great deer recovery blood tracking dog.

USA- Young Drathaar & Jagds Baying a Hog

Do you call this aggressive work on a small sow pig?
Wheres the Bulldog, Jadg or Drahthaar to Pull some fur?

In researching his Kennel Online, I found some interesting feedback:

2013/03/08 4:39 pm
‘I’ve had Two Airedales from Top Hunting lines, and they were both Chicken-shits.’
-Mike Berger

‘I had one Airedale from Coyotegods and the one I have now is from Highcountry. They both Tuck-tail and Run from coyote’s, and they aint decoying.’ -Mike Berger, Owner

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49 Responses to Real Hunting Terriers-German Jagd Terriers

  1. Ak says:

    Insane Jagd Terriers in a Hog Bay contests, DQ for Catching and Contact, 1st time encounter,
    Notice the Serious Grit from these little dogs….

  2. Ak says:

    From Daily Terrier Dose Website
    The airedale is almost pure otterhound underneath it all, and is a terrier in appearance only do to tremendous amounts of clipping and breeding to make it look more and more like a welsh terrier.
    Go look at an old Airedale picture (it is not a very old breed) and you will see it is just an odd looking otterhound that has been tidied up. A hound is not a terrier, not does the Airedale fit within the terrier form or function or mindset mold.

    Adding the name “terrier” to its name does not change the reality, any more than calling me “Sue” would make me a woman. For the record, the pit bull is not the only “terrier” that has been misnamed.
    ‘In this particular case, even the word “terrier” does not tell you very much, as a pit bull is not a terrier by any definition (it is too large to go ground and it does not even look like a terrier). The pit bull is a molosser breed, pure and simple.

    • Jay says:

      How has a “Pit Bull Terrier” been misnamed?

    • jay says:

      The word “Terrier” was not just added to the title for no reason when the breed of the Pitbull Terrier came along, it has the word “Terrier” in its title for a reason, which is that the breed came about from the breeding of a “Terrier” to a bulldog type dog for the reason to produce a dog of type that was of the perfect confirmation to fight in the “Pit” against each other hence the name “Pitbull Terrier”. The name of a breed can give insight into the background of a dogs heritage and does not have to mean that it will or can or meant to do the same work as its title. you have to look at the bigger picture, things sometimes have more than one meaning than the obvious.

    • jay says:

      Sorry, first of all I forgot to say what a good, interesting blog/site. A credit to your choice of sport! Keep the blogs flowing.

    • bharford says:

      This post from you tells me how stupid you are.
      Pits were never bred to go to ground.
      Too honest to fight a wounded animal? Do you know how stupid this sounds?
      A hunting dogs job is to find and dispatch humanely vermin. Jagds, Drahthaars, Pits, Dogos all do this, airedales do not.

      • D says:

        Airedales we ground dogs, they also did badger baiting back in the day. and pit a ‘true Airedale’ not some dipshit any bloodline of today Airedale, against those well bred jagd dogs, which I am sure r great hunting dogs, I’m not trying to hate on them, & the Airedale would smoke it. Read the context bro. Read up on the history of the breed before u go knocking em down. Doesn’t sound like u know much

      • bharford says:

        No medium size dog was ever used as a ground dog against hare, fox, badger etc, because they are too large TO access the den, including the Airedale!
        Thats what DEN terriers were and are used for!
        Yes, Airedales were tried at badger baiting, and they failed miserably, that is the point of this blog, to bring it to light. 14 dales were tried, all failed.
        They were not ‘game’ and did more barking than biting.
        And a Jagd terrier is a small den terrier about 20#, no one in their right mind expects it to defeat a 80# airedale in a fight, but for 4 legged vermin, the Airedale is a failure. Last warning, 1 more stupid comment and youre blocked. Any more nonsense from you and youre blocked.

    • David says:

      Wow how slow can somebody be that they don’t even look at the history of the breed they are talking about before making these unrealistic claims?? You guys are a waste of time maybe you should consider sowing or gathering.

      • bharford says:

        Stats posted were largely from The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) reports on Appalachian statistics such as poverty, income, and employment. Stats were cross checked and verified with Wiki and other sources. Nice try, nitwit, But youll have to do alot better.

  3. gjonah says:

    A Jagd Terrier Closing on Badger in Europe in a Controlled setting for testing purposes..

  4. AK says:

    European Working Fox Terrier and Badger Dispatched from a den

  5. AK says:

    Real Badger Hunt (Dachs) with Jagd terrier in Serbia

  6. Jens Hepper says:

    Very interesting page – especially due to the fact, that some people over here in Germany mix Airedales into Jagdterrier to produce a more “docile” hunting dog – the Heideterrier (and then bring in some Staffordshire Bullterrier for the gameness). Besides: do not forget the Weimaraner. Here in Germany we still breed the real hunting dog for foresters and gamekeepers. My own bitch went down into a drain pipe just her own size and brought out an European badger – not counting the wounded boars she catches while we do blood trails.

    • gjonah says:

      Thank you, but not many.
      I think theyd be much better off crossing Drahthaars, stichelhaars or pudelpointers into such a cross.
      I surmise that the goal is for the cross to be a ‘terrier’ hence Airedale being used for leg and size for the cross to the Jagd. The Jagds over the top drive balances out the poor ability of the Dale.
      But in reality, Airedales are not used for hunting in Europe or Germany, but for sport purposes like SchH, and the breed isnt as watered down for this purpose as in America.

      • Jens Hepper says:

        For this purpose a purebred pointer would be sufficient. Especially a Drahthaar. The breeders still want a terrier for boar hunting. As for the Heideterrier: they wanted a more easy going dog that does not attack anybody on sight and does not enter any burrow it encounters – even if the only reason for this is the dog’s size. And some lines are just too aggressive.

  7. bharford says:

    The photos speak for themselves.
    Youre welcome to post any photos or videos of your dogs doing anything noteable.
    No Airedale owners have done so, as their dogs, like yours, are failures. A recreated breed that offers nothing to the sporting dog community. But you keep dog groomers employed.

    Far as the SS comment, youre sound like a Jew puppet.
    I guess Germany not have a right to defend itself from Jewish Communism advancing from the East? Our own General Patton believed we should Rearm Germany and invade Russia, stating we fought the wrong country in WW2.
    Thanks for your irrational comment, however.

  8. Joseph Penzenstadler says:

    Best pics i have ever seen of working dogs , fantastic !. I am looking to produce a bobcat dog for hunting in maine . I plan on working them first on house cats . I like the german hunt terrier but i am looking for a
    pedigree that has proven track record. The dog will be trained to retrive wounded game also.

  9. Al says:

    I have a Deutsche Jagdterrier myself a year and a half old..great hunting dog..very hard hunter and here in Germany we use them to drive games from Red deer to Wildboars once you get this breed you never want another…like getting your first tattoo..the ink poisioning makes you want to get another🙂

  10. bharford says:

    Re: airedale x jagterrier cross?

    by desertdog » Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:35 pm

    I’ve had 2 Airedales from working lines and they were completely worthless. And especially the one from the guy with the website in CA. A chickenshit, inbred cripple that is possibly the dumbest dog I’ve ever owned. And I thought horse traders were crooks..

  11. Robert Sedlak says:

    How about Rhodesian ridgebacks . Have you tried any on hogs?

  12. bharford says:

    Jagd Terrier doing what they do best, closing on fur in this case, it has a badger in a head hold after digging it out.

  13. David L. says:

    The Airedale has been spoilt – like many breeds – by showing. The original breed was unbelievably tough (used by the British, German, Russian armies in the Great and the Second War, and by the British police force) and versatile. It is not as game as the Jagdterrier, which is borderline psychotic. I don’t hunt, but my suspicion is that the Airedale lines are not great for certain forms hunting because they have been bred and trained for too many different tasks (show, companion, fur, bird, personal defence and guarding, wartime messengers, even – and most unpleasantly – as attack dogs in concentration), but there are plenty of accounts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries of its valour and loyalty (including gamely going after tigers in the Raj). Dog breeds change and develop. And individual dogs within the same breed have very different characters: we have all known German Shepherds that were ferocious guard dogs, and others that are timid and withdrawn; my Italian friends who hunt with German pointers (rough and smooth) would not expect them to go after boar … but you can be sure that a Jagdterrier will try to kill just about anything. The one thing I wish for is an end to dog shows that kill the character of dogs: Bedlingtons, Kerry Blues, Airedales, bulldogs, dachshunds, Afghans (once a handsome coursing breed), &c have all suffered at the hands of fools who breed for ‘looks’ not fitness and a character, and working ability, which should be the principal criteria. Oh, and I happen to love Airedales.

    • bharford says:

      I guess you missed the opening line of this blog, as per one man who tried over 14 of them, all with failure as far as gameness was concerned.
      Airedales were conceived and used long before other breeds became widely known and then they were altogether replaced by superior animals-whether the German Shepherd and Malinois for Working purposes, or the German hunting Versatiles for sport and hunting, or the Jagd, Dogo and Pit for putting teeth on fur.

      • David Barnhart says:

        I think the opening post was “Airedales are a failure” not because they are, but because you want them to be! they were not replaced because other dogs were superior, they started using different breeds such as german shephards bc they were bred to want to work all the time, they are no more smarter for sure, but they do want to have a task from their master at all times, hence their trainability becomes easier for trainers, not that they are smarter. Airedales learn extremely quick then want to put their attention elsewhere. They are a really independent breed. but David L had some good points that you dismissed, now the breed is bred for show, companion etc., so a true Airedale is very hard to come by. but there are still a few breeders out there surely, I know of only one. and the 14 that failed were oorang Airedales anyways (80#) dog compared to the original 45#dog. much of the game is bred out by that time… people believe anything these days then say it like its the only truth that could ever be bc that’s how they was taught…

      • bharford says:

        I dont think Airedales are worth feeding. The breed needs to be reconstructed with serious quality control measures via standard breeding mandatory testing.
        The Germans may have it right in their use of it as a Schutzhund Protection dog strictly but even then it takes a huge back seat to other traditional breeds (GSD, Mal, Dobe, Rott, RS). It really is not a hunting breed.

      • d says:

        yeah you definitely have tunnel vision. If you cant see new light, then just live in the dark… so long.

  14. says:

    Here in the hills of KY we hunt with our jagds and we hunt with our DD , bring home the game and put it on the grill and after we ate and fed the dogs and locked them in their gates the king of the terriers comes out to play.

    • bharford says:

      I guess thats what they are good for..playing

      • David says:

        The Airedales in the photos wouldn’t even be recognized by AKC. Because they are a joke. Even one of the guys above mentions his Airedale from a reputable breeder was a half breed -so the breeder wasn’t reputable. Few breeders actually better a breed, the Germans were excellent at it. Those Jagd look well bred, those Airedales in your pic do not. The old Airedale did all that the Jagd does now although they were only bigger. I wouldn’t have the Airedale u speak of neither, who would?Those breeders should be repremended. You knock a whole breed because you are not insightful -‘more of an infant’s mind’. But regardless of your mind the Jagd are a damn good hunting dog.

      • bharford says:

        I guess you didn’t read the early accounts from those that tried working Airedales and concluded them as failures hence the name of this blog. The breed is basically a bust. 1 in 1000 working animals evidences this reality

  15. Frank Jacks says:

    The comment @ the APBT not being a terrier is foolish nonsense. And clearly you haven’t ever dealt with or been around a real true bred APBT. Not the wide breached bullies you see everywhere nowadays. A tried and true APBT is just as much terrier as a jag or patterdale. The pit in it’s best form is nothing more than a larder patterdale.

    • bharford says:

      Terrier means of the earth you fool. The apbt does not apply in any way shape or form and is not used as a hunting animal but a combat canine. You know what they say about fixing stupid but thanks all the same for your comment

    • bharford says:

      Terrier means earth or earth ground dog. Many pits are not animal aggressive at all they are a fighting dog and unsurpassed At it Your comment is foolish so I left it up

  16. john crawford says:

    I’m john and I have a hunting line of airedales. I have seen my dogs as far into dens as they can get.I live in Ohio and we don’t have big game so I’ve never witnessed their performance on anything larger than raccoon. My female dispatches those in thirty seconds. The male is an in and out dog. The pups I have sold into bear hunters packs are living up to the owners expectations. One ten month old pup locked on a bear and the bear dragged him for a ways before he could shake him off. The same hunter uses him on coyotes in deep snow. He kills the coyotes the hounds bay on.
    I really think the show people hurt the Airedale. My dogs are the smaller harder coated type. I won’t consider selling a dog where it won’t be worked.
    I keep a jagd terrier, if she weighed thirty pounds game would be extinct around here. Would like a heide for my task force. Thanks for your insight.

  17. John says:

    I have no respect for a man who thinks saying bad things about someone or something else makes himself look better. If you don’t like Airedales then move on. The Airedale will not suffer because you are not there.

    • bharford says:

      This blog has nothing to do with ” looking better”
      It is a pictorial and photo essay which destroys the hyped myths from unscrupulous breeders about their “game” dogs. If you can’t gather that from the general tone and articles written, there is little hope for you. One can’t sugar coat the truth. It just IS. The Airedale suffers already from its own inadequacies and terrible breeding practices which don’t take performance or testing into account.

  18. gerald james says:

    What sickos enjoys encouraging and watching the barbarity shown in the above pictures? Such people need help big time.

    • bharford says:

      You call it barbarity because you are a degenerate cuck who was eunuched. Man has hunted since the dawn of time and will continue to. To the more discerning it is ecological and conservation management. You are ignorant on the issue of feral animals and the destruction they cause. Stop wasting my time and keave this site pronto

      • David says:

        Gerald you’ll never convince them of anything than they already know. In the small minds they have found everything in this life worth knowing. Anything else is just bs to them.

      • Ryan says:

        I am looking for Drahdhaar female to hunt with me here in South Africa, pigs, jackal and wing shooting. Can you recommend a good breeder of game animals where I can source a pup ?

      • bharford says:

        There are quite a few well established breeders in Germany and USA. Richthof, Wachtersbach, Saarforst, dogs are the lines/ones I like. In the us, Dan Ritter in MN has real nice dogs that are good all rounders as does Barry Pickens in OH

      • bharford says:

        Also look at the Bockenhagen lines and kennel. Well known and established in Germany and to an extent in the US as well

  19. Sunday-Rose says:

    Not everything that Moves should be Chased just for fun and to gain trophies. Not only the rare animals. It isn’t even allowed to Chase after rare ones. And it’s heartless to let the dogs die for such stupid hobbies.

    • bharford says:

      You no F*ck all about dogs and ethical hunting.
      Capable Dogs in Europe are used to quickly chase down and dispatch game lest they escape and die a painful death. It has nothing to do with hobbies you fool.
      It is a hunters responsibility to hunt and or kill quickly and ethically and used a trained and competent dog to assist to that end.
      Some of you truly suffer from rectal cranial inversion, I swear.

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