Hunting Dogs-Airedales Need Not Apply-Wont Close On Vermin Including 3 Legged Bobcat

Early Airedales almost 100 years old when it still served some worthwhile purpose..

This is a leg trapped Bobcat and an adult Airedale from a Very Respected ‘Hunting’ Kennel in the USA Unwilling to engage and close on a 3 legged vermin, much smaller in size.

The Airedale Will Not Engage & Close on Bobcat as evidenced, for this reason among others, the Breed is a Failure and its Reputation vastly overrated.

2 Airedales will not close on a badger-sniffing and barking
Airedale and badger

Wont close or pull fur..mongrel lurcher shows more grit/aggression than Dale off to the side.


Same as above. 3 vs 1 and wont pull fur.

Wont Close

3 on 1, 2 airedales and wont close

Wont Close

Wont close

Will Not Close, yet again..Seeing a trend yet?
Do pictures lie?

Wont close on half dead coyote neck exposed..

Dorn airedale and a trapped fox, barker, not a closer on a small fox.

Airedale wont engage even when offered a neck from a nearly dead coyote

Barking At a 3 Legged, Trapped Raccoon With his back to the wall.
Want a Closer? Send the Jagd or Drahthaar

Closers or Cowards?
Were I looking for a Serious Hunting dog, Id look elsewhere. See February archives of Drahthaars, Jadgs & Dogos-Hard Hunters.
The Frauds are now being Exposed…


For Comparison Sake, here is a VDD German Bred Drahthaar, Finding, Closing and Dispatching a badger and putting teeth on fur, what a hard hunt dog Should do..

German Bred Jagd Terrier & Bobcat Killed Single Handedly

Badgers are Serious Vermin and can injure much larger dogs-Lurcher with European badger wounds.

A 20# German JAGD Terrier wont bark or run from a coyote!

Nor will a Dogo

They will stop them!

Same with German bred Wachtelhund used by this DNR Hunter for coyote dens


All Examples of Versatility shown by Deutsch Drahthaars
From dispatching Vermin, treeing, trailing, dead game baying or outpointing a pointer.
And note quietness on a chain gang.

* See Feb 2013 Archives for more stories and photos of other breeds.

DD & Coyote

Will Even Fetch Coyotes After Dispatching, if Need be.

Teeth ON Fur!!

Drahthaar Closing On a Badger

Texas Hog & Drahthaar

Drahthaars & Bulldog Catch dog
2 Drahthaars & Bulldog Vested and Ready To Boar Hunt

Drahthaars &amp Jagds on Hog
Drahthaars & Jagds Closing On Wild Boar

Drahthaar & Cheetah
Drahthaar Runs Down Cheetah (Im exaggerating!)

Dead Game Bayer
Dead Game Bayer

Pointer Backing a Drahthaar
Pointer Backing a Drathaar

This is a typical Drahthaar that would rather die of hypothermia than refuse an icy retrieve

Drahthaar & Raccoons
A Coon Hunting Drahthaar above.
This same dog also works well in the uplands, duck blind and is a great deer recovery blood tracking dog.

USA- Young Drathaar & Jagds Baying a Hog



Sheriffs Dept Certified Search & Rescue Drahthaar-Chicago Elgin


For comparison photos, see updated blog entry in July on the Hardness Testing for German Breed clubs.

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6 Responses to Hunting Dogs-Airedales Need Not Apply-Wont Close On Vermin Including 3 Legged Bobcat

  1. Ak says:

    From Daily Terrier Dose Website
    The airedale is almost pure otterhound underneath it all, and is a terrier in appearance only do to tremendous amounts of clipping and breeding to make it look more and more like a welsh terrier.
    Go look at an old Airedale picture (it is not a very old breed) and you will see it is just an odd looking otterhound that has been tidied up. A hound is not a terrier, not does the Airedale fit within the terrier form or function or mindset mold.

    Adding the name “terrier” to its name does not change the reality, any more than calling me “Sue” would make me a woman. For the record, the pit bull is not the only “terrier” that has been misnamed.
    ‘In this particular case, even the word “terrier” does not tell you very much, as a pit bull is not a terrier by any definition (it is too large to go ground and it does not even look like a terrier). The pit bull is a molosser breed, pure and simple.

  2. Mike Berger says:

    I’ve had two Airedales from top hunting lines and they were both chicken-shits.

    • gjonah says:

      Im sorry to hear that, Mike.
      You bought the marketing BS & hype, and lots of others do too. Thats why I have this blog.
      To expose the Frauds.

      You would’ve been better served with a Drahthaar, Jagd, Dogo or gamey Catahoula, it sounds like.
      Watch this video of some Import Jagd Terriers (20# walking terrors to anything with 4 legs) and best of luck to you.

      * Make sure you look at all February archives, I have many threads and more coming.
      And please tell others about this blog.
      Exposure is always a good thing, hopefully will result in positive change for the breed, And/OR hunters will not be swindled of their hard earned money, and seek another breed that will get it done.

  3. AK says:

    Airedale makes best friends with Coyote rather than running him off..or dispatching him.
    Keeping the ranch safe..not.

  4. gjonah says:

    forkehornreggie 15 July 2012:

    ‘I have an Airdale and I found him on a website called “Hunting” Highcountry Airedales.
    What is ironic is that when a gun is brought out he runs and is Extremly Scared.
    His parents were Winchester and Remington. Good thing I’m an archerer instead of a gun hunter.’

  5. gjonah says:

    ‘I had one Airedale from Coyotegods and the one I have now is from Highcountry.
    They both Tuck-tail and Run from coyote’s, and they aint decoying.’ -Mike Berger, Owner

    ‘I wouldn’t get one from HighCountry.
    The one I have from Don is a big, slow, gutless cripple. He has malformed toes and will lame-up if hunted more than twice per week.
    Hard headed too. I don’t like dogs that constantly have to be slapped on the head because there purposely doing the wrong thing. Oh, and they ain’t cheap, I paid 1450.00 (with shipping).’
    Take care, Mike B.

    ‘The Coyotegods pup (6 weeks) was 500.00, and the Highcountry pup was 950.00 + 500.00 shipping. First dog was also psyco and was eventually put-down, second dog I still have and has a great temperment, but if I hunt him more than three day’s per week, (one hour per), he “lame’s up” and is useless.’
    -Mike B.’

    ‘Some people are saying that Don’s Airedales are aggresive with other dog’s. I havn’t found this to be true at all, in fact, the only time my Highcountry Airedale has been exposed to strange dog’s, (two small, half starved, feral dog’s), was when we were out hunting and he stumbled upon them, they started barking at him, he tucked his tail and they chased him about 70 yards back to me…
    He also tucks his tail and runs from Coyotes. He is three now, so he should have SOME grit by now. He is also chronically lame and limping, I can’t take him out more than twice per week. He has been a COLOSSAL dissapointment. (1450.00 dollars).’-Mike Berger

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