Airedales Fail & Bail With Attacker

Professional Airedale Breeder Highcountry Kennel boasted of his dogs courage and got called on it.   A wager was placed, his dogs were put into a Fight or flight scenario, and they failed miserably,  fleeing into the countryside. Highcountry, (before a ban), was boasting on Working Dogs Forum of his dogs aggressiveness and challenged a skilled decoy- ‘Face Dogs’ who would take on bear or man and possibly take off the intruders face, yet when the challenge was met, Highcountry Airedales scampered off. His Dogs Failed & Bailed when put in a mildly stressful defense situation. This is Self Evident when your brood stock isn’t tested and evaluated (Physically-lameness and Mentally-Game Hardness), its said he has produced 2000 dogs over 12 generations as a reasonably large kennel. I conclude that Airedales are a Failure, but Airedale Breeders are worse of a Failure.

This post below was uncovered on a Working Airedales Forum:

Anyone know anything about hunting badgers? Nov 6, 2008 at 12:59pm Post by mb, 12:59pm QUOTE   ‘I was out poking around in the brush one morning with my airedale Billy and my eleven year old American bulldog. Well, I heard a hissing noise coming from a mesquite and as I looked closer I saw a good sized badger standing there staring at me, next to his hole and giving me a “ you” look. I sicked Billy on him and and he barked at him for about five seconds and and lost interest. I was hoping to see a little scrap, but I guess Billy hadn’t had his ‘wheaties” that morning.’

On a dog forum, Mr Highcountry boasted of his dogs toughness on game. Later it was revealed that this was a ‘tailgate’ photo, and that the badger had been shot with a 22-250, and the dog simply wooled the dead critter as any hound will do in the truck. (Said photo here-notice bullet hole in side of animal-liars and frauds outed) Photo taken down by Photobucket.


Adult Male Airedale Will Not Close on 3 legged, trapped Raccoon.

Drahthaar & Badger Dispatched

Drahthaars will close.

Drahthaar & badger

Drahthaar and Teckle with Badgers dispatched

Lets Review. 2 Airedales will not close on a badger-sniffing and barking Airedale and badger

Seen Enough Yet? Want More?

For Comparison Sake, This and EVERY VDD German Bred Drahthaar, Find, Close and Dispatch a vermin/badger, what a hard hunt dog Should do..Or it wont be bred per rigorous VDD breeding restrictions.


Closers or Cowards?

4 on 1 and Coyote gives more than he gets.  Were I looking for a Serious Hunting dog, Id look elsewhere.

See February archives of Drahthaars, Jadgs & Dogos-Hard Hunters. Frauds are now being Exposed… VS A Breed of Hunting dog 100+ years old, and tested in the field, as well as physical conformation (Hips, teeth, coat). Every dam & Sire must prove their hardness at killing vermin.

DD/GWPs dispatching a coyote

This is a 3 legged, trapped Bobcat and an adult Airedale from a Very Respected ‘Hunting’ Kennel in the USA, Unwilling to engage and close on a 3 legged vermin, much smaller in size. For this reason among others, the Breed is a Failure and its Reputation vastly overrated by the wannabees and promoters ala Puppy pimps.

More standing around barking….3 on 1. Grit? lol.. 2 Dales and Cur/Pit cross

Better Call for Reinforcements.

21# Bobcat Killed by 19# Jagd Terrier

Dead Game Bayer

Trained Dead game Bayer-Drahthaar

Airedale above wont engage even when offered a neck from a nearly dead coyote. Better Call for backup ie the Drahthaar or Jagd to Put teeth on fur. See A Trend, yet?

Badgers can be Killed Single Handedly but only by very hard dogs. 

Jagd Terrier dispatching Badger

Jagd Working Over badger

Badgers are Serious Vermin and can injure much larger dogs-Dogs badger wounds


VS Examples of Versatility shown by Deutsch Drahthaars ie dispatching Vermin, treeing, trailing, dead game baying or outpointing a pointer. And note quietness on a chain gang. * See Feb 2013 Archives for more stories and photos

DD & Coyote

Drahthaars & Bulldog Catch dog

2 Drahthaars and Bulldog read to hunt Pigs


Drahthaars &amp Jagds on Hog

Drahthaar & Cheetah

Namibia-Drahthaar recovers Cheetah

Pointer Backing a Drahthaar

Pointer Backing Drahthaar

Refuse a retrieve? Never

Drahthaar & Raccoons

Coon Hunting Drahthaar

This same dog also works well in the uplands, duck blind and is a great deer recovery blood tracking dog.

Young Drathaar & Jagds Baying a US Hog.  


Sheriffs Dept Certified Search & Rescue Drahthaar

In researching his Kennel Online, I found some interesting feedback: 2013/03/08 4:39 pm ‘I’ve had Two Airedales from Top Hunting lines, and they were both Chicken-shits.’ -Mike Berger ‘I had one Airedale from Coyotegods and the one I have now is from Highcountry. They both Tuck-tail and Run from coyote’s, and they aint decoying.’ -Mike Berger, Owner

‘I wouldn’t get one from HighCountry. The one I have from Don is a big, slow, gutless cripple. He has malformed toes and will lame-up if hunted more than twice per week. Hard headed too. I don’t like dogs that constantly have to be slapped on the head because there purposely doing the wrong thing. Oh, and they ain’t cheap, I paid 1450.00 (with shipping).’ Take care, Mike B.

‘The Coyotegods pup (6 weeks) was 500.00, and the Highcountry pup was 950.00 + 500.00 shipping. First dog was also psyco and was eventually put-down, second dog I still have and has a great temperment, but if I hunt him more than three day’s per week, (one hour per), he “lame’s up” and is useless.’ -Mike B.’

‘Some people are saying that Don’s Airedales are aggresive with other dog’s. I havn’t found this to be true at all, in fact, the only time my Highcountry Airedale has been exposed to strange dog’s, (two small, half starved, feral dog’s), was when we were out hunting and he stumbled upon them, they started barking at him, he tucked his tail and they chased him about 70 yards back to me… He also tucks his tail and runs from Coyotes. He is three now, so he should have SOME grit by now. He is also chronically lame and limping, I can’t take him out more than twice per week. He has been a COLOSSAL dissapointment.’ (1450.00 dollars). -Mike Berger

‘Do I sell to a lot of hunters, no, they don’t want to pay the price for a dog that may not survive the first hunt.’ -Don Turnipseed

forkehornreggie 15 July 2012: ‘I have an Airdale and I found him on a website called “Hunting” Highcountry Airedales. What is ironic is that when a gun is brought out he runs and is Extremly Scared. His parents were Winchester and Remington. Good thing I’m an archerer instead of a gun hunter’

Originally Posted by Don Turnipseed ‘That is a good comparison Aaron. Both hard headed, both will quit if you push to hard. If I want a 5 or 6 week 0ld pup to sit on command, I get a treat and just touch them in front of the tail, I never force them into it. If I force them it takes forever. Touching take a treat or two.’

Major Contradiction here:
Fingers aren’t crossed anymore! by hicntry » Thu Jan 17, 2013 ‘I Never use treats of any kind for basic training. Food is only usefull for trick training (training something that is totally unnatural for a dog). Dog has to work for me…..not a reward except praise. Working multiple pups with treats would create chaos in the ranks. GF’s doxie was there so was a bit of a distracion for them, but, something they will have to get used to.’

Here you can see a dog BRED For Defense work and his aggressive defense tested for this work. There are a few dog breeds that are natural protectors and are tested for it like Filas and Caucasians. YES, tested, Mr Highcountry. To a standard.

A Recent Testimonial from an owner: Re: airedale x jagterrier cross? by desertdog » Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:35 pm….

‘I’ve had 2 Airedales from working lines and they were completely worthless. And especially the one from the guy with the website in CA. A chickenshit, inbred cripple that is possibly the dumbest dog I’ve ever owned. And I thought horse traders were crooks’..

Mr. Highcountry, you have alot of work to do.. ‘son’ Shucking and Jiving ‘aint’ cuttin’ it.

Highcountry Dale being bullied by Fat farm Sow

Folks, the picture above doesnt lie. To the unlearned and unexperienced, this passes as a hogdog. To anyone with experience, the opposite is apparent. This dog would be killed by a real Hog,  lacking the proper conformation and being too long legged and imbalanced, it’s caught off guard by this overweight small sow (with teats). I laughed at this photo and what he passed off as hog dogs.

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28 Responses to Airedales Fail & Bail With Attacker

  1. gjonah says:

    Re: a Drahthaar That Closed On a Badger On a Forum
    Fri Mar 22, 2013 hicntry wrote:

    ‘Wolfgang, badgers are tough for their size. So are coons, bears, and hogs. Most wild critters are tough.
    Not knocking the dog in the picture, because most dogs today would back out of there. The many comments about not letting the dog do what is pictured is the reason most dogs wouldn’t do it today.

    Personally, I would get rid of a dog that would cur and go back to the truck like you are apparently used to seeing……but I have always used dogs on rough game and not for herding game to a stand of hunters. Any encounters here take place where the dogs catches the game and the hunter isn’t always there to help. Do dogs get hurt? Of course they do, but, good dogs love that stuff.’


    Herding game to a stand of hunters is how the German hunt breeds hunt boar now?
    As if Wild boar in vast forests, can be herded!
    They are Driven, you moron, those that are pushed anyway. And Those Boar that refuse to be pushed, make a Stand and Fight.
    And what of the wounded ones that cant or wont be pushed? They are the most dangerous.
    Heres Some video to illustrate my point, sorry but no one can believe anything you type or say, either your bullshitting or Lying, something you do well until you are called on it.

  2. AK says:

    Versatile Dogs Forum
    hicntry » Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:16 am
    ‘I have had one dog OFA’d in my entire life. Most of that stuff is feel good stuff that hobby breeders do to sell dogs. You probably never noticed that if the dog is good they will breed it regardless of the OFA rating. That is because it is done for folks that don’t know any better.’

    Highcountry the airedale breeder, has acknowledged Health problems in his dogs (Lameness and Gunshyness) but here admit he does not health screen his dogs, and his breeding stock?
    He refuses to acknowledge that the Drahthaar, Kurzhaar and Jagd have almost NO incidence of Hip Dysplasia or other conformation malady affliction.
    Hip Dysplasia is less than 1% on these 3 breeds, Mr. Excuses/ Highcountry because the breed clubs health screen.

  3. AK says:

    Highcountry Airedales
    The owner of this Kennel still refuses to address the severe weaknesses in his dogs.

    He actually defends his dogs being run off by a Protection Dog Trainer.
    This can be seen on Video linked, and also on Versatile dogs Forum, which he frequents with over 3300 posts, (Maybe he should spend his time working and hunting his dogs?) ie Lack of courage, he is rationalizing the irrational, and the truth, which is that his dogs are cowards and he is making sorry excuses, that they were not trained.

    This is video of an Untrained Fila dog Protecting his owner and willing to engage with natural/genetic protection and aggression. This is what its all about!!! Pretty? No. But shows what the dog will and can do with training. Natural Defense Drive TO Protect!

    Here is a 16mo old Caucasian guardian, untrained, showing ability to protect. There are many such videos. Postmen and USPS men are bit every years by the thousands BY Untrained Dogs Protecting their property!!!

    2 More dogs…Komondor and Kuvasz..natural guardian instincts, Mr Highcountry Bullshitter.
    Every dog has its day but we all hate liars..Some of us have actually owned natural guardians such as these with a little training and bring out a real effective guardian, but breeders must breed for instincts!

  4. AK says:

    Notice how the Highcountry breeder again contradicts himself. Anything to sell a dog.
    At $950 a pup, with no health screens, this is big money keeping 15 bitches that have never been hunt tests, let alone hip, bite or elbow tested.

    Re: Gator’s Trip to High Country…
    Dec 4, 2006, 5:22pm
    Michael, for someone that wants everyone to think he is a bona fide professional, you say things I wouldn’t even expect out of a novice. Asking which dogs are baying tells me you don’t hunt much. If you really hunted you would know that dogs like this bay and fight….until they hear you close by and the war starts.
    I can take the time and go back for you but all I did was say there is no point in my coming because my dogs all catch….and yes, if I am hunting hogs with them they do all catch. You also said you would”nt argue the point about the GTHH and you have been crying ever since.’

    So above, he claims his dogs are Hog Catch dogs (Takes a courageous dog and is Almost always Bulldogs, Dogos or Pits).
    Then down below he denies his dogs catch (Another forum post of his) and also says:

    Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:13 am
    Generally bay dogs do the locating and the catch dogs are walked in on a leash.
    Catch dogs are largely a waste of time and good dogs unless you want to catch them live to castrate them.’

  5. AK says:

    Here, Highcountry Airedales: tries to clarify himself and save face by admitting its ‘small hogs’ his dog will catch.

    Re: Gator’s Trip to High Country…
    Nov 21, 2006
    Michael, I didn’t just fall off a truck somewhere. My dogs will catch 100 to 150 lb hogs and it won’t be for any 5 count. I don’t use different dogs to catch….the dogs I put on the ground do it all….I don’t bring in catch dogs to do the clean up. Knowing this, it would be pretty pricey a drive to come and watch. The two holding the head in this picture….they are first timers and seemed to get the idea pretty fast.’

    Do pictures Lie?
    Small 150# Nursing SOW pig vs 3 Airedales. Do you see a Catch? Aggressive baying even?

    If this was a Real Boar, and Not a half tame Run off Sow Farm Pig, this dog would be dead.

    Ditto here. Too big, leggy and slow to get out of the way..

  6. gjonah says:

    Interesting Commentary from the resident Puppy Mill Moron aka Hypocrite

    Re: Internet improving the breeds?
    by hicntry » Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:48 pm
    “Winchey, it isn’t just about bird dogs, it is about all dogs. Most today are too soft to work. Protection dogs are trained with treats and rewards, yet sport dog people thing they are super tough dogs. Dogs used to have litters under the porch, in the garage, in the barn, under a bush, people didn’t get wigged out about it. They left them alone. As they matured, they went out and took the pup that came right up to them and called their friends to come and pick from the rest. ”

    So What about your dogs? THEY RAN From 2 threats, 2 different dogs!!!! Talk about Too Soft to Work.. Look at what Youre producing.
    Far as treats go, SchH is a competition and an animated style is graded. But There are many active working Police dogs that compete!
    There are basically 2 venues, clearly evident the Show line dogs VS from the Working line dogs.
    Mondio, French Ring, PSA, KNPV ALL feature some very serious dogs, but you never competing or training and just reading boards has you making every excuse in the book. And still have the nerve to import a ‘Minimum Standard bred’ dog from Germany, Schutzhund being the ‘minimum.’ What an asshole.

  7. bharford says:

    Of course not all of them come from one non hunting kennel, thank goodness.
    I think hunting and airedale is an oxy moron.
    They are not nor were not used as hunting dogs in their country of origin, they have cockers, springers, labs, otterhounds for that.
    They are a novelty breed whose owners bought the hype, sadly.
    There are real hunting breeds that serve as hunting dogs, airedales are not in that group and thats why youll never see a pack of Airedales, now and again one will run in a weak hound pack as they are expendable, much like Southern hog hunters use pound dogs for the same reason, most dont survive.

  8. bharford says:

    This misinterpreted quote was said of Pit bulls, not dales.
    They cant do anything as well as anything else, nor whip any real fighting dog.

  9. bharford says:

    Re: airedale x jagterrier cross?

    by desertdog » Tue Dec 10, 2013 9:35 pm
    I’ve had 2 Airedales from working lines and they were completely worthless. And especially the one from the guy with the website in CA. A chickenshit, inbred cripple that is possibly the dumbest dog I’ve ever owned. And I thought horse traders were crooks..

    • bharford says:

      I have had two Airedales from hunting lines, both were gutless, hard headed, stupid, barking pieces of crap. Here’s an example of the stupidity of my HighCountry Airedale. When he was about one year old, I would go into the yard with 3 rib bones for my dogs. The staghound and cur would instinctively sit and I would give each a bone. The Airedale I would give the command “sit” several times and then force him into a sitting position and praise him/give him the bone. I only did this once per week wanting to see how long before he would remember the lesson and sit when commanded.
      It took him ONE year(52 lessons), before he would sit on command! Truly a dumb dog. When we are hunting, if he’s 50 yards away but out of sight, if I call him, instead of going to where he last saw me, he runs the opposite direction looking for me.(tracking on the Garmin). This dog is a product of 10 generations of inbreeding, so I suspect he’s typical of the High Country airedale line. One time I encountered a badger in the desert and sicked my Mogollon Rim(one half breeding) on the critter, he barked 2-3 times and wandered away. He ran away from a Javelina and got his hind legs ripped up. The Hycountry Airedale runs from coyotes and small dogs. Once a coyote chased him about 100 yards back to me. I think Al Kranbuhl probably has good dogs but I’m skeptical of the others. -Mike Berger

  10. bharford says:

    Highcountry, self proclaimed expert, but in reality a puppy mill responsible for 1000+ puppies with not a single accomplishment to any dog bred (PSA or SchH title, Blood tracking title, HRC title, Hog bay title et al) made it clear he knows nothing about the breed that he made his living from-claiming they are from Ireland and not England (comment from Versatile Dogs Forum). Ireland had their own breeds: Kerry Blue, Wheaten, Irish terrier. Airedale is not from Ireland.

    ‘Chien, it is interestingly similar to the development of the ADT, which was a poachers dog for the lower class to poach off of the preserves for the well heeled aristocracy in Ireland. The different townships all had their dogs, and, while no one tried to dictate how they had to be bred, they were well tested in the field hunting when the different townships got together because they wanted to see who had the best dogs. A matter of pride and competition, not rules. The even tested them as far as gameness through dog fights, which today’s Airedales would like to not mention. Many thungs are lost, or changed in the history of the breeds by people today because they perceive it will give the breeds a black eye today….so it has been omitted as fact. This makes it difficult to really get an accurate picture of the development of the breeds and will probably get worse as time goes on’

    Notice: IN IRELAND!!! What a moron.. And here Highcountry discounts the use of testing and standarization.

    ‘Wolfgangs account of the development of his dogs and outbreeding is a perfect example of why I referenced Ayn Rand’s “Foutainhead”. The point being that whenever you have a large group, government, breed clubs, or otherwise, with a controlling body that makes the almighty rules, the quality of what that group is doing will always dewgenerate to the average. Wolfgang wanted/needed, something better than the average and did what he had to do to get it.’

    Note to Highcountry:
    This is HOW all great breeds were created…controlling bodies and breed clubs. Free for all Amerucan style got so many breeds in the mess we are now in-including your OWN breed.

  11. savant says:

    An update on my Highcountry Airedale…Last night a coyote jumped into my yard and attacked my little 23 lb mutt. The mutt is tough and fought hard and my 64 lb. staghound jumped in and fought the coyote also…My 73 lb. Airedale just stood there and facebarked the coyote….This morning the mutt and the staghound are cut and limping and the Airedale is unscratched because he’s a chickenshit SOB…

  12. Heather Mc says:

    I have a 10 year old Airedale from High Country Airedales/Don Turnipseed, and he has zero hip issues, is the most athletic dog I’ve ever seen, has never “wimped out” when confronted with an aggressor, is so intelligent that the professional trainers whom we trained with for him to do film work said they had never seen an Airedale so fast to learn, so even-tempered and so solid. He was a piece of cake to train. He learned 30 commands that took other dogs, other than Australian Shephards, 2 or 3x as long to master. He made training look easy! The trainers were even surprised having worked with other Airedales in the past. He’s also the most big-hearted dog I have ever had, is positively fantastic with children, babies, other dogs, all people. He’s also so fast that it’s become commonplace for me to hear comments like, “He runs like a race horse!” His lines are gorgeous – the groomers he’s been to over the years (4 total, as we’ve moved) have each commented on how ideal his coat is and how elegant his lines are.
    Perhaps I lucked out, but I’ve got to say, he is essentially a flawless dog in all ways. His parents were Magnum and Goldie, and he was an accidental breeding. He had parvovirus as a pup and survived it. His immune system has been robust his whole life. And again, he’s a major athlete, hits all his marks when working on films after very little training relatively speaking, and most importantly to our family, he is a funny, charismatic, loving, sweet yet bold, spirited, well-disciplined, smart and confident dog. I couldn’t love him more and I will buy another Airedale from Don if I ever get another. He is 10 years old and is starting to slow down a bit, but I’ve yet to see him back down from a challenge. He’s the brightest dog I have ever had or that anyone in my 14 dog family has ever had (German Shephards, Standard Poodles, other Terriers, among other breeds, included)

    • Bud says:

      If thats the brightest dogs youve ever had, you have had some awfully crappy dogs esp your poodles and GSDs, regarded as some of the smartest breeds out there and infinately smarter and more trainable than dales. But Im happy you are happy with him

    • Mike A Berger says:

      Nothing personal, but I simply don’t believe you…..These dogs are so inbred that there couldn’t be that much of a difference between them….

      • Bud says:

        I agree, Mike

      • Heather Mc says:

        Not sure what to say. This is my experience with my Airedale. We’ve had Standard Poodles, German Shepard, etc and this Airedale is truly the smartest of all of them, the most athletic and the easiest to train. Perhaps I lucked out?

      • Bud says:

        Airedales arent known to be extremely sharp, especially when compared to German Shepherds and Standard Poodles. Im sort of calling Bullchit on your statement, unless you have never trained a dog to any high degree with titles previously and your experience is purely opinion and anecdotal

      • Mike A Berger says:

        German shepherds and poodles are two of the smartest breeds….I call BS on Heather (Don)….

      • Bud says:

        Agreed Mike

  13. Mike A Berger says:

    Another update on my Hycountry airedale….He has bad hips….About 3 years ago his back legs started trembling a lot and he displayed weakness in them, had trouble jumping into and out of the truck. It’s gotten worse and his back end sometimes collapses and drops to the ground. I had to stop taking him into the woods. He’s eight and a half….One of these days he won’t be able to get up and then it’s a long ride to the vet, for the last time…

    • Bud says:

      Thats sad, really is.
      My GWP/DD lived to 15.5 years and was hunting up until that time. Did over 3 hours at 14.5, at solid lope pace (Canter). My GSPs all lived to 16 as well with no issues ever. Very hardy dogs. My friends who have versatiles have about the same experience with regard to health and longevity. Bad hips are about 1% in registered german dogs.

    • Bud says:

      Video of Plott Hounds in Yugoslavia, Catchy.

    • Heather Mc says:

      How old was he when his legs started shaking?

  14. Heather Mc says:

    Maybe I’ve just lucked out with my Airedale? He is 10 years old. I’m curious at what age did all of these High Country Airedales start showing problems. I’m hoping mine isn’t going to suddenly have these issues. He really is an exceptional dog. I know he was the result of an “accidental” breeding, so perhaps his lines are slightly different? Different enough that he doesn’t have these issues and is super intelligent, athletic and all the rest? His mom was Goldie and his dad was Magnum, if that is of interest to anyone. I am really hoping the issues ya’ll have had don’t suddenly show up for me with him.

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