Cur Dogs- Hog Specialists

Catahoula Curs
Catahoula Cur – The Catahoula is one of the best hog hunting bay dogs. It has very distinctive glassy eyes and patchy markings. They are very good family dogs, but need attention. The Catahoula is considered a Bay dog.

Nice Looking Catahoula Curs

Black Mouth Curs
Black Mouth Cur – The Blackmouth Cur is a great multi-use dog as it can be a great hog hunting dog, and a loving family dog that is protective of its land and “People”. They typically have a black snout that blends into a golden coat. They are very smart, and strong, and can be used for many purposes besides hog hunting.
The Black Mouth Cur is a Bay dog.

Scarred up Veteran Hog dogs


Lacy Curs and Pit Catch dog

Blue Lacys

Cur dog and Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog, popular in Aussie land with hunters for hogs..

Mountain Cur: Closing on Raccoon. Tough and efficient dogs

Plott Hound
Although the North Carolina state dog since 1989, the Plott hound is a little known breed by only the deep south, and big game hunters.
Plott’s have been raised for generations to hunt wild boar, bear, and raccoons. They are extremely loyal to their master, and one of the best hunting companions.
Plott hounds are considered one of the very best Bay Dogs.


Cat-Do. Catahoula Dogo Cross hybrid
Said to be good running catch dogs.

Cat Do

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One Response to Cur Dogs- Hog Specialists

  1. Buddyboy says:

    Presa Vs CAO and it gets destroyed.

    And here: Presa gets mauled.

    More of the same

    And Presa vs a much smaller Pit..Presa curs

    Lots more just like this.
    Go away with your nonsense, be a real man instead of having to live through your dogs which are cowardly curs like yourself.

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