Teckels- Working Dachshunds

Not your mothers weiner dogs…they are Working dogs!!

The dog pictured is of the leggier variety, looks like a Teckel should.

Bred for Work, Going to ground, trailing, dispatching or holding if necessary.

Leggier variety to work

Working Teckels are Not small by any means..

Baying Sau

Low to ground, deep noses and good ‘line’ manners. Xcellent tracking game recovery dogs

Jean, of Born To Track, has well over 800 documented recoveries with his teckels for deer and bear wounded and otherwise lost by archers..

Bear recovery

Teckel With Drahthaar

Days catch of varmits: Coons and chucks

Impressive teeth and jaws

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3 Responses to Teckels- Working Dachshunds

  1. Christine says:

    Read up on Airedales. Airedales are not closers…..they were not bred to be closers. They corner and parry with their pray. Since you are a moron who condones trapping of animals and then allowing attack by a dog, parry is a term that means ward off (a weapon or attack), especially with a countermove, i.e., a back and forth move to avoid attack. Countermove is a defensive move that takes agility and thought….attack is an offensive, thoughtless, and brutal move. Airedales don’t start a fight, but they always finish one.

    • Buddyboy says:

      NEVER have I ever condoned trapping an animal and then allow an attack, it defeats the entire purpose of market saleable fur, unless one is a dnr license depredation trapper, who specializes in removal of coyotes. That YOU made the errant assumption, tells me that you are:
      1. Plain Stupid
      2. Overly assumptive and rash
      The photos come from Airedale owners and breeders.

      And NO, they dont always finish a fight, There are dozens of breeds capable of destroying airedales in any fight or combat. I posted an entry of an airedale killed and eaten by a single wolf in Canada on my blog. Stop with the wives tales already!!

    • Buddyboy says:

      On Finishing fights…this airedale got eaten, literally after being killed. Stop promoting these ridiculous myths & wives tales, it makes you look stupid


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