Airedale Killed And Eaten By Wolf


Article by Andrew McKean

Photo by Outdoor Life Online Editor
Too Many Wolves

“We have too many wolves, and they have depleted their natural prey to such an extent that they’re seeking alternative food sources,” says Galloway, who operates a fishing and hunting lodge about 70 miles north of La Ronge. Galloway had his own wolf incident last fall. His 70-pound Airedale was killed and consumed by a wolf just 30 feet from his cabin door.

“That wolf was starving. It ate all but the ribcage and part of a hindquarter,” says Galloway.”

Ive been saying it for 6 months now.
Airedales are not closers!! They will not pull fur.

I can get any pound mutt cur to bark at vermin..

Dog owner said: I keep the dog away from the cats and the coyotes he finds the ones on drags. He gives the coyotes a bunch of respect. every once in a while you will have one that will get after him on stand when denning. You do not want the dog to tear into them, you eventually get sick of doctoring them up.

Barking at 3 legged cat

Wont close on small fox with neck offered

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5 Responses to Airedale Killed And Eaten By Wolf

  1. bharford says:

    Deputy Shoots Mountain Lion That Killed Tesuque Canyon Dog

    By GEOFF GRAMMER | The New Mexican

    Suzette, left, Phoebe and Colin Keegan lost their Airedale, Zoe, last Saturday when a mountain lion came onto their property and attacked and killed the dog. – Raul Vasquez | The New Mexican | The New Mexican
    A mountain lion on Saturday killed an Airedale named Zoe, who had spent her life in the Big Tesuque Canyon area near Winsor Trail.

    Zoe’s owners, Suzette and Colin Keegan, said they arrived at their home near the Winsor Trailhead around 10:30 p.m. Saturday and thought it odd that Zoe didn’t offer her usual tail-wagging welcome as they drove up.

    “I went outside to look for her with a flashlight, and I saw this pair of eyes pointing toward the house,” Suzette Keegan recalled. “I approached it, not knowing what it was, then realizing as I got closer that it was bigger than a dog. Finally I got close enough, where I realized it was a lion with its paws wrapped around the dog.”

  2. bharford says:

    That photo sequence is on my blog, that entire pack of airedales will not close on that leg trapped coyote, running and baying is all they will do. Typical of the breed- in pack or solo.
    Any cur will do that. See again, read again.
    Airedales are a novelty breed at best, not a true terrier in temperment or hardness, lacking gameness, they are not used in their country of origin as a hunting dog (English favor the Cocker, Springer, Otterhound, Lab) and dales were marketed and sold with hype in the USA, long before the versatiles: GSP, DD-GWP, Wachtelhund, Dogo were ever imported to America, and who grew in popularity among hunters, as get it done dogs.

  3. bharford says:

    Yours is an inane comment that shows you are mentally defective. For that reason I’m leaving it up

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