100 Years Later Hunting Line Airedales-Still Failing

Here are 4 of them, A Pack- with 2 not fully grown, and they still cannot and will not close hard on a coon. Lots of  non committal biting and re-gripping under pressure from the coon fighting back. Obviously, not Hard dogs. A 20# Jagd is 4xs more hell that 4 of these curs. Watch the 2 adult dales. Lastly, I don’t think these videos are a good idea, especially using an Animal as bait if you’re trying to make a point.   It just backfires and shows the dogs are ‘yella’ curs and is gratuitous violence, not related to training or hardness testing, and doing this nonsense on film does nothing to enhance the image of hunting or hunters.

And Below is in Europe with their version of a raccooon.  The raccoon is awakened and the Dale gets startled when it wakes, opting to not close on it.  Call the reinforcements-Jagd or Drahthaar

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2 Responses to 100 Years Later Hunting Line Airedales-Still Failing

  1. savant says:

    The airedale fans are in love with the airedale of 1910…Which doesn’t exist anymore……I’ve been taking my Turnipseed bred Airedale to the woods hunting 2-3 times per week for 8 years and the only critter he’s ever caught was 1 skunk. Whereas my staghound has caught several bobcat, several coyote, a ringtailed cat and rabbits…and she’s a sighthound operating in thick woods…

  2. Buddyboy says:

    2 airedales on a caged coon.
    Notice the circling baying on vermin! Hard dogs (Jagds, DDs, DKs, Patterdales et al) that pull fur, will attack the cage, roll it and do anything to get at whats inside.

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