Hunting Airedales, An Oxymoron


This site is dedicated to hunters, real working dogs and their dedicated breeders and clubs, and it mocks the frauds and hucksters in the dog world.  ie Those that  have no Quality Control, pimping pups to the unsuspecting, by telling good Jack London Tale -type stories.  This is not a breed indictment, but rather a critique and honest commentary, readers can formulate their own opinions.  To the few devoted Airedale breeders out there,  your work is cut out for you.

How did this blog come about?  Dispelling lies and myths on various dog forums.

On hunting airedale breeders,  especially highcountry, there’s not a single photo of their dogs Treeing, or Putting teeth On vermin / Pulling fur..  Just dead game sniffing photos or “tailgate” pics (Hound dog men know this term)  for the more gullible newbies on Vdogs forum.  We were Born naked, not stupid. So to the shysters, liars, money driven at all costs, shortcut taking, excuse making, story telling cons, I say….


On the photos, folks, this is hunting.
Game management, that of managing vermin, is required of any real hunter when they are encountered.
It takes a hard dog to commit to fighting and dispatching. Selective breeding is key.


Solid Baying




Draht and Jagds


DD, Jagd, Heide, and Munster

Owners of highcountry pups…

“Airedale fans are in love with the airedale of 1910. Which doesn’t exist anymore, I’ve been taking my ( Highcountry) Turnipseed bred Airedale to the woods hunting 2-3 times per week for 8 years and the only critter he’s ever caught was 1 skunk. Whereas my staghound has caught several bobcat, several coyote, a ringtailed cat and rabbits…and she’s a sighthound operating”

forkehornreggie 15 July 2012:
‘I have an Airdale and I found him on a website called “Hunting” Highcountry Airedales.
What is ironic is that when a gun is brought out he runs and is Extremly Scared.
His parents were Winchester and Remington. Good thing I’m an archerer instead of a gun hunter.’

‘I wouldn’t get one from HighCountry. The one I have from Don is a big, slow, gutless cripple. He has malformed toes and will lame-up if hunted more than twice per week. Hard headed too. I don’t like dogs that constantly have to be slapped on the head because there purposely doing the wrong thing. Oh, and they ain’t cheap, I paid 1450.00 (with shipping).’ Take care, Mike B.

‘The Coyotegods pup (6 weeks) was 500.00, and the Highcountry pup was 950.00 + 500.00 shipping. First dog was also psyco and was eventually put-down, second dog I still have and has a great temperment, but if I hunt him more than three day’s per week, (one hour per), he “lame’s up” and is useless.’
-Mike B.’

‘Some people are saying that Don’s Airedales are aggresive with other dog’s. I havn’t found this to be true at all, in fact, the only time my Highcountry Airedale has been exposed to strange dog’s, (two small, half starved, feral dog’s), was when we were out hunting and he stumbled upon them, they started barking at him, he tucked his tail and they chased him about 70 yards back to me… He also tucks his tail and runs from Coyotes. He is three now, so he should have SOME grit by now. He is also chronically lame and limping, I can’t take him out more than twice per week. He has been a COLOSSAL dissapointment.’ (1450.00 dollars). -Mike Berger

‘Do I sell to a lot of hunters, no, they don’t want to pay the price for a dog that may not survive the first hunt.’ -Don Turnipseed

Mike Berger on February 27, 2014 at 4:56 pm
I have had two Airedales from hunting lines, both were gutless, hard headed, stupid, barking pieces of crap. Here’s an example of the stupidity of my HighCountry Airedale. When he was about one year old, I would go into the yard with 3 rib bones for my dogs. The staghound and cur would instinctively sit and I would give each a bone. The Airedale I would give the command “sit” several times and then force him into a sitting position and praise him/give him the bone. I only did this once per week wanting to see how long before he would remember the lesson and sit when commanded. It took him ONE year(52 lessons), before he would sit on command! Truly a dumb dog.”
“When we are hunting, if he’s 50 yards away but out of sight, if I call him, instead of going to where he last saw me, he runs the opposite direction looking for me.(tracking on the Garmin). This dog is a product of 10 generations of inbreeding, so I suspect he’s typical of the High Country airedale line. One time I encountered a badger in the desert and sicked my Mogollon Rim(one half breeding) on the critter, he barked 2-3 times and wandered away. He ran away from a Javelina and got his hind legs ripped up. The Hicountry Airedale runs from coyotes and small dogs. Once a coyote chased him about 100 yards back to me. I think Al Kranbuhl probably has good dogs but I’m skeptical of the others.”

‘An update on my Highcountry Airedale…Last night a coyote jumped into my yard and attacked my little 23 lb mutt. The mutt is tough and fought hard and my 64 lb. staghound jumped in and fought the coyote also…My 73 lb. Airedale just stood there and facebarked the coyote….This morning the mutt and the staghound are cut and limping and the Airedale is unscratched because he’s a chickenshit SOB…’

* He Made claims that these comments are self generated from this author! So here’s another for you to track and determine who is truthful

Predator Masters Forum
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Loc: Idaho
woodguru- ‘Is Ol Turnipseed still peddling that BS?
I hunted two Airedale dogs directly from him, and they were neither tough or fast. I also hunted with some dogs that were off one of his super studs bred to a real coyote dog…none of the pups made the cut as coyote dogs.
Too slow, and coward hearted ta boot. Dont believe the hype!
See if you can go on a bear or lion hunt with him…LMFAO’
I say all the time “most folks want a good story, more than they want a good dog” and folks like you are exactly the reason I say it.
Take care.’


highcountry dogs on nursing smaller but fat Farm Sow, look like aggressive dog work, folks?..Come on, There’s a whole lot more



1 German bred DD does what 3 Airedales can’t and won’t do


Ditto.  DD in California


Now…. On with the blog!!!


As to their gameness, “Stonehenge,” in his “Dogs of the British Isles,” gave them a very bad character indeed, so far as courage was concerned.

“Airedale terriers are a Failure.
The result of my experiences of them is that I find them to have good noses, they will beat a hedgerow, will find and kill rats and rabbits, and work well with ferrets. They are good water dogs and companions, possessing a fair amount of intelligence.
This is the sum total of their excellence. They came to me with a great reputation for gameness, but out of fourteen that I have personally tried at badger and fighting with a bull terrier, I have Never found one game – at least, to my idea of the word.’

‘But any terrier that would do the above work better than another would be worth keeping. Were a dog like he of 45 1b. weight or more to be used at a badger he should kill the poor brute instead of merely “drawing” him.’

This is strong speaking, but this gentleman’s experiences corroborate every word of what has gone before, and the woeful exhibition made by some Airedales when tried at a badger at Wolverhampton last January was literally the laugh of the show.

So far, I am aware that my endeavors to supply information about the origin of the Airedale have not been attended with success, but upon the merits of the breed I can speak with more authority, having had the benefit of the experience of a gentleman who took it up some short time back from the glowing accounts he had heard of its gameness and bottom. The result was most Mortifying.

He could make nothing of the dogs, and was heartily glad to get rid of them. Prom what he tells me concerning Airedales, I have no doubt that they potter about the banks of a river, and take water well, and that they will kill rats, which, as they scale from 401b. to 501b., is not much in their favour.

I think that those individuals who at Wolverhampton show about 1883 made a semi-public exhibition of him against a badger, an animal the like of which the poor dog had never seen before, were extremely badly advised.

As for fighting, any terrier fond of it is a nuisance to his owner and to the owner of any other dog.
For the Airedale terrier was claimed superiority as a worker of the riverside after rats, and as an assistant to the gun in working hedgerows and thick coppices, which, it was said, he could do ‘better than a spaniel and take up less room than a retriever.’

‘I will even go further, and admit that specimens may be produced which will tackle a badger under protest; but not another step will I go in favour of the Airedales as a game, hard-bitten race.
Summing up the merits and demerits of the breed, it must be said of the Airedale that his want of heart, his size, the diversity of types, and tendency to throw back in breeding, are great drawbacks, which his fondness for water, scarcely out-balances.’

Therefore, when we find, as I believe we can, that a wire-haired Scotch, Dandie Dinmont, Skye, Irish, or small bull terrier possesses all the gameness of the Airedale (in addition to which they take up one quarter of the room, and can go to earth), the question only remains, ” Why keep an Airedale ?   End…..


I dont breed, or promote any one breed here, you will see multiple breeds featured and given accolades for being as advertised. In the case of the Drahthaar and Jagd, their breed Cert. testing assures a high probability, competency & genetic inheritability of traits.  Detractors/puppy mills too lazy and cheap to invest in breed testing/ health screening often discuss ‘averages’ as it relates to testing.  These horses’ asses do not understand that EVERY group IS judged By Its average.  Not the exceptional individuals, which frequent all groups, but only in small numbers, but among averages.  We judge Horses, hunting / working dogs, feed / fighting chickens, milk / feed cows, even humans ie Blacks, Muslims, Jews on our Average experience with them.  Bars for average standards, can also be raised and/or lowered.

The greatest dog breeds in the world were almost All exclusively established with Standard Testing-Pass / fail with Graded scoring system.  German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Belgian  Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, Riesenschnauzer, Boxer, Doberman, Game bred Pit Bull, Argentinian Dogo,  Jagd Terrier, Deutsch Drahthaar, Kurzhaar, Pudelpointer, Munsterlander, Wachtelhund, Teckel, even Labs whose early trialing was set to a standard, before the trial type formats in the 1940-50s.  I have given all airedale owners, including the low life, lying horse trader & bullshitter highcountry, this platform to prove me wrong, to upload video or photos. To date, no one has, except that of a gritty Welsh Terrier mistakenly thought to be an airedale.

WARNING:  If hunting photos scare, or paralyzed you, then leave. This site is not for you.  This site is however dedicated to working hunting dogs, and not ‘sporting’ dogs seen on English game shoots for the gentry. I view  vermin management as part of the hunting requirement..

Originally Airedales looked liked this when it was bred for hunting and a semi respectable utility dog to earn its keep, though it was still called a ‘Failure’ by real working dog men in England.




TODAYS Airedale, Otterhound cur underneath it all.


Standing Around & Barking…

4 vs 1 and coyote is giving worse than he gets. Others stand around


Grit? The cur/pit cross shows more, and thats saying alot…

Hunting Line Airedale Standing Around, Wont pull Fur

A Jagd, Patterdale and Mongrel pull fur, Airedale wont close. See a trend yet?

Half dead coyote-neck exposed. Wont close

Wont close on a nearly dead, 3 legged fox with neck exposed! Hunt Line Dale.

Cant get out of the way fast enough.


3 legged trapped 30# bobcat, wont close.

Closers or Cowards?
4 on 1 and they still wont close. This Coyote gives more than he gets here..

Sniffing & barking at a Badger, will not close

From a Hunting Kennel too! 3 legged raccoon on his back. Closer?


3 legged trapped bobcat. No close


Speechless. Hope he’s fixed


Airedale waits for reinforcements and calvary.


Good trapline dogs, you never worry about fur getting damaged and its prewired in them

My money is on the Yote but there will be no engaging


On a dog forum, Mr Highcountry boasted of his dogs toughness on game. Later, it was revealed that this was a ‘tailgate’ photo, and that the badger had been shot with a 22-250, and the dog simply sniffed the dead critter as any hound will do in the truck. (Said photo here-notice bullet hole in side of animal-liars and frauds outed.  Theres more)

Only pic of Dale close to closing, but Notice the coyote is hog tied, and shot with a sniper rifle setup. This dale is either a ‘decoy’ dog that runs FROM the coyote (Jagds, Bulldogs & Drahthaars dont run from vermin), or its a ‘tailgate’ picture, one made for unsuspecting viewers to think he is a game working dog. He’s NOT!


The Airedale is in such sorry shape- performance wise, that this breeder is now infusing Jagd Terrier and may be experimenting with Pit Bull and DDs. The above is a Heide Terrier-Jagd/Dale X.  The Dale is bred in to soften the Jagd!  :


Real Working Dogs used by the serious Hunting Establishment.  These are All Examples of Versatility and Hardness shown by Deutsch Drahthaars, Jagds, Teckels and Dogos.  The DD and Jagd are all but 30 years old as breeds in this country, and have no marketing behind them but word of mouth,  and strict breeding tests TO breed!
On to dispatching Vermin, treeing, trailing, dead game baying or outpointing a pointer.
And note quietness on a chain gang.

* See Feb 2013 Archives for more stories and photos of other breeds.

DD & Coyote

Will Even Fetch Coyotes After Dispatching, if Need be.

Pulling fur

Pulling Fur

Putting teeth on fur


Drat and Jagd Terrier owned by Mr Schlapa


Jagd on badger


A Jagd taking care of business


Euro Teckel on very alive badger


Drahthaar and Euro Badger


Wasatch DD and Badger-HN Certified



Want some fries with that shake? DD gitter done.





Hard baying German Weimaraner

Drahthaars & Bulldog Catch dog
2 Drahthaars & Bulldog Vested and Ready To Boar Hunt


Russia Wolf Hunt


Dogos Catching and fighting a mountain lion, this was not a training exercise

Drahthaars &amp Jagds on Hog
Drahthaars & Jagds Closing On Wild Boar


Pointer Backing a Drahthaar

Pointer backing DD


A great back


Drahthaar added to a Lion pack


DD & Bear-Russia Test



Drahthaar & Raccoons
A Coon Hunting Drahthaar above.
This same dog also works well in the uplands, duck blind and is a great deer recovery blood tracking dog.

USA- Young Drathaar & Jagds Baying a Hog


Highcountry and other unknowing dipshits postulate that a hard dog must be ill tempered and dog aggressive. This photo proves that to be as real as his own cur dogs.


Kurzhaar Club-Post hunt- Notice the muzzles for dog aggressiveness


Notice the muzzles required on this hog pack of Jagds, Heide cross and Pitbull!  All so dog aggressive


I personally hunted with this drahthaar’s sire, multiple times. He stayed at my home and was spoiled by my young kids.


OK, I’ll admit a small bias to this Euro Superdog. But they are not for everyone, way too much dog for most and way too smart for others, and generally are heat seeking missiles.


highcountry is everything that is wrong in America, with dogs and with people…thank God for the JGHV, QC, and Strict breeding standards

31 Responses to Hunting Airedales, An Oxymoron

  1. Jon Doe says:

    Mike Berger, it took YOU 52 lessons to teach an Airedale to sit?
    That is so funny!

  2. Richard Wood says:

    it is sad indeed to see so many people who make comments and know nothing about hunting with dogs, I have hunted with dogs my whole life, raised and sold beagles redbone coonhounds, and hunted labs for ducks and birds, owned one airedale, good dog but he wasnt outstanding hunter, I understand what you are saying about the breed and the rep. funny to me you get so many people upset and making comments that you dont know what you doing and yet they show how ignorant they are with the comment. Not a single one is a hunter, and no one understands gameness. As with everything you entitled to your opinion. i like the vdd as good versatile gundogs as well from hunting with guys that own them. good luck with the site, it is hurt feelings they deal with funny how humans can get hurt feelings but the dog just keeps working.

  3. bharford says:

    The inspiration for this blog was reading of Stonehenge and his experiences with these dogs.
    I once was interested in them, but in researching the breed, found nothing noteworthy and only unclaimed wives tales regarding their so called hardness.

    Others who have experience with them, support the claims in my blog. I’ve challenged Airedale owners to send me video or pics of their dogs doing anything.
    There’s been one and I posted it as my latest. Four airedales won’t close hard on a coon. More of the same.

    I don’t favor any particular breed, but tend to sing the praises from established and certified Vdogs line the Jagd, Drahthaar and Kurzhaar, as I have personal experience with them. They were still being created in Germany when the Airedale was at peak popularity in the US, and have since eclipsed the airedale altogether in the hunting fields and woods.

    The resident idiot of the Airedale breed was a now defunct kennel aka highcountry which produced close to 1200 dogs and only 3 titles- a therapy dog that likes to be petted, and a “master” fur Title at the Airedale nationals,( a 300m tracking test which is still part of the puppy NA test for Euro vdd dogs) and still very few Airedales have or can pass it.
    highcountrys own dogs also failed this fur tracking test wile boasting of his 2007 accomplishments. He hasn’t health screened his stock and it appears to show, judging from the reports of lameness, gun shyness, lack of hardness. And he never tested or hunted his females. The so called ‘International’ bitework title is a new venue started by ???? and is not recognized by any credible dog club. The test was done domestically, not internationally.
    Comment from Highcountry dog owner who visits my blog:

    Mike Berger on February 27, 2014 at 4:56 pm
    One time I encountered a badger in the desert and sicked my Mogollon Rim(one half breeding) on the critter, he barked 2-3 times and wandered away. He ran away from a Javelina and got his hind legs ripped up. The Hicountry Airedale runs from coyotes and small dogs. Once a coyote chased him about 100 yards back to me. I think Al Kranbuhl probably has good dogs but I’m skeptical of the others.”

    This blowhard failure also issued a challenge on a working dogs board that his dogs were ” face dogs” and might bite the face of any threat. He was called out on it, and his dogs literally were run from the yard & truck trembling in fear from agitator Dave Colburn- YouTube video.

    Highcountry alleges that a DD owner challenged him to “fight his dogs” but in researching this, I learned that no such proposition was made, rather a clarity statement that If His dogs were jumped by highcountrys curs while hunting, they would surely last more than 6 seconds and give them all they could handle, as mr Highcountry brazenly boasted his dogs would finish other dogs in seconds, proud of his dogs jumping pit bulls, rottweilers and dobermans.

    Mr Highcountry appears to be insecure, dishonest, unstable, a degenerate neo-con drunk, and philo semitic trash. A record or lifetime of producing pet dogs disguised as working dogs is a sad life. He attacks and undermines those that go to great lengths to work and produce a working animal Free of health defects and with loads of natural ability, in other breeds with strict quality control measures. His claim to fame is being in 4 books (what in the hell does that have to do with anything????, a so called ‘international’ title in bitework, in a venue that offers ‘money’ prizes, nondescript and basically a silly venue among working dog men, that none have ever heard of.
    His hunt ‘photos’ are also a joke, all tailgate pics, and only his dogs on fat farm pigs. Had they been real hogs, his dogs wouldve been dead. This is a fat nursing sow from his site catching his clumsy dog off guard ie Not real hog work.. Fat sow farm pig

  4. Buddyboy says:

    Another Tailgate pic.
    Highcountry posts more crappy photos of his dog next to a road shot hog, calling it dog work.
    Notice the hog has Rigamortis!! It’s legs are practically straight up, dead for days!!!!. No action shots, no hardness, no excitement. Just bullshit from him. Some of us were born at night but not last night. Nice try

    This is dog work.

    This is dog work, Jagds and Lion

    Not this!!
    Theres no dog work…nothing-there to help field dress, taken out of the truck post shot. 1500-2000 pups and nothing!

    2 of his dogs are looking for direction and have not a clue. Another may be catching this FAT Farm sow, but even that is a stretch!!
    Smallish hog with no attempt to catch or bay aggressively even. You are a silly person, highcountry.

  5. Buddyboy says:

    Fuzzy Bear Don aka Highcountry, Professional Airedale Pimp, will say anything to sell a pup, called on his BS and sinks deeper in the muck which is saying alot for him. He posts his ‘working photos and this is the best he has..

    On a dog forum, where he has literally thousands of posts, he claimed his dogs were Catch dogs. See exhibit A below
    He calls these dogs, his dogs, CATCH Dogs, but I dont see a catch, I dont even see an aggressive bay. Anything to sell a pup, right Don aka Fuzzy Bear? lol

    Exhibit A
    Re: Gator’s Trip to High Country…
    Dec 4, 2006, 5:22pm
    Michael, for someone that wants everyone to think he is a bona fide professional, you say things I wouldn’t even expect out of a novice. Asking which dogs are baying tells me you don’t hunt much. If you really hunted you would know that dogs like this bay and fight….until they hear you close by and the war starts.
    I can take the time and go back for you but all I did was say there is no point in my coming because my dogs all catch….and yes, if I am hunting hogs with them they do all catch. You also said you would”nt argue the point about the GTHH and you have been crying ever since.’

    So above, he claims his dogs are Hog Catch dogs (Takes a courageous dog and is Almost always Bulldogs, Dogos or Pits). Ive Never seen a photo of his dogs catching Anything, let alone a decent putting teeth on a nice size boar hog, coon, coyote or badger for that matter. NOTHING!
    Here he denies his dogs catch (Another forum post of his) and the Pimp says:

    Dog Forum.
    Sun Apr 03, 2005 9:13 am
    Generally bay dogs do the locating and the catch dogs are walked in on a leash.
    Catch dogs are largely a waste of time and good dogs unless you want to catch them live to castrate them.’

  6. Buddyboy says:

    This is a Real Hog Hunter in California, who doesnt Bullshit. Nice guy, knows hogs, dogs and hunting as much as any Ive ever come across. Look at his photos and judge for yourself

  7. Buddyboy says:

    From Daily Terrier Dose Website
    ‘In this particular case, even the word “terrier” does not tell you very much, as a pit bull is not a terrier by any definition (it is too large to go ground and it does not even look like a terrier). The pit bull is a molosser breed, pure and simple.
    Adding the name “terrier” to its name does not change the reality, any more than calling me “Sue” would make me a woman. For the record, the pit bull is not the only “terrier” that has been misnamed.
    The airedale is almost pure otterhound underneath it all, and is a terrier in appearance only do to tremendous amounts of clipping and breeding to make it look more and more like a welsh terrier.
    Go look at an old Airedale picture (it is not a very old breed) and you will see it is just an odd looking otterhound that has been tidied up. A hound is not a terrier, not does the Airedale fit within the terrier form or function mold.”

  8. Buddyboy says:

    ‘highcountry’ tells a good Call of the Wild tale, but does not have a single photo of his dogs catching or pulling any fur ON anything, even a coon. He has produced a estimated 1200 pups, and has attained 3 titles, 2 are Junior/Started feel good titles. Process that….. 3 titles on 1200 dogs!!!!. 1 is a Therapy dog title, (likes to be petted & is calm). . At $950 per pup. Of his dogs ‘dominating the 2007 Nationals’, 3 dogs titled and 1 failed. 2 of 3 passed THIS started test, per the ACTA regs: ‘Dogs Entered in the Junior Fur Test Follow A Track of Approximately 100 Yards and Need only give a Signal Bark.’ Exhibit A, below link- See Junior Fur Title. Dominating the Nationals? Your Breed is in that sorry of shape? You see, I’m thorough. Must be my German roots. I validate everything….and I mean EVERYTHING, and then I research some more.

    A 100 yard coon drag, for a title! Contrast this to JGHV bred dogs who must undergo 2 field and water search for game, 2 performance evaluation tests before the age of 2. Drahthaars, Kurzhaars, Munsters, Wachtelhunds et al perform 2 fur track/drags, with mandatory retrieve to hand over 300 meters in length, just to be certified FOR breeding (Vjp & Hzp).

  9. Buddyboy says:

    From Vdogs Forum site.
    More hc ‘wisdom’ on DDs, though hes never seen one, pissing matches with Jon, Hunter, Wolfgang, and Kyle due to his jealousy and envy, and Little man complex.

    DD’s are not equipped for full body contact.
    -hicntry » Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:18 am
    (COMMENT; Says the guy who doesnt have 1 pic of his dogs on ANY game making ANY contact!)

    They are versatile bird dogs. Yes they will hunt hogs. Yes they will die faster than any bonafide big game dog for a reason.
    -hicntry » Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:38 pm

    ‘Serious hunters here simply do not use DD’s because it can be likened to taking a knife to a gunfight.
    -hicntry » Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:32 am
    (The breed is barely 30 years old in USA, dipshit, and GROWING among all hunters, big game included, hunters with DDs are well armed with that breed)

    ‘It is like I said long ago, of course DD’s are used for hogs but that doesn’t make them a good choice as the don’t have the power or the equipment to be taking the fight to large dangerous game. I also told you that folks have used just about any of the sporting breeds for hogs….that still doesn’t make them big game dogs. I also acknowledged way back somewhere that I have never been behind DD’s on a hunt. So quit crying that I won’t acknowledge that fact. I said I didn’t have to see DD,s in action to know how they stack up. I am sure they can bay with the best of them.
    (Comment: Opinions vary)


    -hicntry >> Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:32 am
    ‘DD’s I am sure have the heart which counts for a lot, they don’t have the teeth, the jaw strength, or the snakelike reflexes needed for contact sports. It is very common for my dogs to remove the whole ear of of hogs, yes, even some big ones. This happens when the hogs decide they are going to leave and the dogs dig in. The dogs are momentarily standing there holding the ears. In the picture of the mounts, the lower hog there had both ears sewed on by the taxidermist. As A side, I don’t like my dogs catching. When they catch, all the meat in the area of the grip is bloodshot and has to be discarded and dogs get huirt doing it. I am not telling you this to impress you Jon because I could care less if you are impressed. I am bringing these things up to give you an idea of how much you don’t know about dangerous game dogs. I do acknowledge that DD’s are used by many in Europe because I suspect they are common. As I said, people use all kinds of breeds they shouldn’t. If they were that good, they would be used everywhere here.”
    (COMMENT: Really??) teeth and jaws are plenty strong, and so much for YOUR dogs being face or head dogs, no wonder they get hurt…


    (Comment: Build? DDs can run circles around dales. DDs ARE GROWING, numbnutz, due to reputation earned)


    -hicntry » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:53 pm
    Take note Jon, I didn’t start this debate on hogs or my dogs…you did. I did my level best to get you back on track with the thread, but, you were insistent that DD’s were great big game doges even though you have only seen a few yourself and never seen any other “real” big game dogs in action so you would even have an idea of what you were seeing. You were insistent about DD’s, a versatile that normally accepted as never as good as a specialist, being as good as my dogs. You were the one that wanted comparisons of others dogs Jon, not me.
    (COMMENT: Normally accepted does not apply to the DD)


    -hicntry » Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:42 am
    No, I have never taken vids and few pictures once the action started. I never wanted the pictures bad enough to do it at the expense of my dogs We may have seen the same vids promoting a line of Texas bulldogs. Taking pictures while the bay dogs were all getting killed.


    -hicntry » Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:21 am
    The discussions with the Jons and Hunters are largely a total waste of time as far as I am concerned. Hunter seems to think he came up with a trump card with my absence on big game boards. Years ago, I spent a ton of time on them. I moved on. I find things I don’t know about, such as bird hunting, protection work etc, more interesting simply because I don’t do it. One point many may not realize is that ALL big game hunters take pictures of their game and dogs. I have probably close to 1000 pictures of game taken with the dogs.

    -hicntry » Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:40 pm
    Yes, bull dogs and dales are illegal WMA’s in Ga….for a reason. DD’s are not.

    (COMMENT-Maybe because DDs were not yet IN the USA, dipshit??)

    -hicntry » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:11 pm
    You prove my point for me Jon, they are good bay dogs(along with a lot of breeds) which is what I said a long time ago. You just want them to be something they are not. I noticed none of these dogs are yours again. Even in pictures you can see more that you did in a tower Jon. See the distance they keep? While you do your best to divert attention to other things like blood, that was never the point Jon. DD’s are DD’s and they are simply bred as a multipurpose dog. You don’t breed yours to even begin do do hogs so for the life of me I have no idea why you get in such a snit…except your vicarious living through others dogs.
    So, how many of your dogs have bred certified on the elective 80lb hog test? Just stand up and answer that one question Jon. Zero….am I right.
    (The SJ test isnt offered IN America, shit for brains! Every DD on this blog is from a different breeder, few in number in the US, yet all are hard)

    -hicntry » Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:43 am
    I don’t think the dogs have to catch at all. There are catch dogs, there are bay dogs, there are tree dogs. Some, like the dales and some of the curs are considered meat dogs, most hounds are in the sport dog class with a few breed exceptions. They all serve the purpose. Jon wants to compare DD to Airedales. Different dogs altogether….What seems to be a favoirite saying here is it is like apples and Oranges.

    (COMMENT: Yes, DDs are ALOT harder than dales, especially yours)


    -hicntry » Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:07 am
    For all the talk from DD guys about how great DD’s are, there are a lot more Griffs gracing the pages of this list with game than there are DD’s. If I were looking for a new gun dog right now like some of you might be, I would only consider a DD if I really wanted a bonafide big game dog because that is obviuosly what they are best at. You all are serious about a good gun dog, get a PP or a good Griff.

    -hicntry » Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:54 pm
    Your living in a dream world Jon. You obviously don’t breed to keep the instincts in tack unless it is birds. Your just glad to see that others still do it. How many of your dogs have taken this test on hogs and are certified. You don’t want to answer this question after multiple times of being asked.

    -hicntry » Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:50 am
    I never said anything about vdog being wimpy. I said they were not bred to do what mine were bred to do. As far as understanding “your” v dog paradigm. I guess I don’t but I understand dogs a sight better than you apparently.

    (COMMENT: Bred to Do what? Stand around and not close on anything???, youre right)

    Some more highcountry ‘wisdom’:

    -Post by hicntry » Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:16 am
    You did see the picture taken of the German hunt….the one where all the little hogs are laid out in rows that are shot from towers. That’s hunting with DD’s in Germany……and the hunt terriers are the ones that have to push the hogs. You might have noticed by now that the DD’s are never close enough to get the hogs moving. They just stand there.😆😆😆😆

    -hicntry » Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:27 pm
    Look at those little European wild boar in that picture there Wolfgang. Most are probably out of the same litter.😆😆😆😆 I don’t doubt there are bigger ones but thy are never seen in the pictures of the driven hunts because they don’t work as easily as these little piggies.😆😆😆 Besides, Airelades have always been used as civil police and guard type dogs in Germany dogs. If great noses were needed, the American hounds wouldn’t be outlawed there. (COMMENT: Similar sized to the little piggy catching your clumsy dog off guard)


    -hicntry » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:35 pm
    It isn’t a higher degree of inteligence, it is a higher degree of fear that keeps them back. For you pseudo big game hunters. you only see one dog in most of the pictures because in multiple they feed off of each other and get braver. Obviously whoever owns these dogs knows more than Hunter and Jon.
    (Response to his 3 dogs on this hog-2 are just staring at it)

    People have used every kind of dog that will hunt on hogs. They have used 15 lb terriers, sheppards, jrt’s and just about any breed that will hunt. My god Jon, they even use the lowly hound. And yes, they have even used some DD’s. I guess according to Jon’s paradigm, that makes them bonafide big game dogs. LOL And because mine are used for birds that makes airedales bonafide v dogs. Fair enough. LOL

    Jon, in one of your last posts you asked how many dogs I have taught to honor a point. I am glad you realise that it is taught and it can be taught to very dominate dogs also. Maybe not by you but good trainers do it all the time. A pro trainer in Ga is just finishing up his fifth airedale from here, they all honor point because they have been taught….just like other dogs.

    There was a fellow here on this list recently that used his dogs for big game, birds, the whole smear. Seemed to me you were trying to bust his chops also because he had the audacity to hint at what you have created is no longer a DD but just a bird dog….once that was intimated you took over with all this same BS on how most hunters here have different priorities. Make up you mind which way you want it Jon. Here is a piece of verifiable history for you. There has been two breeds of dogs historically used as walking dog for bad game such as bears that won’t tree. Bulldogs and airedales. Never heard of a DD being brought in on a leash to handle bad game to save the other dogs. If you got big game dogs, I got bird dogs son. Can we move on now?
    -edited by hicntry on Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:05 am
    (COMMENT- The DD & Jagd are 30yrs old in USA or theyd be on said list)

    From what you have said about your personal dogs, they wouldn’t get close enough to a hog. You shot the ones that would have. Like you told the other gentleman that actually ises his dog on large game. “We have different priorities here” You got bird dogs Jon, quit refering to them as V dog because you als0o have total distain for other breeds of v dogs. It is all about what other peoples DD’s can do. The German’s, now the russians…not yours.
    -hicntry » Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:21 pm

    Jon speaks of internet experts. Any person with any sense would get a good chuckle out of that since he is basing his argument on a couple of kennels in Russia and possibly elsewhere that raise DD’s for big game. You all realize breeders world wide that do this comprise probably just a fraction of a couple of percentage points of all DD breeders. It is not indicative of the breed as most are bred as versatile hunting dogs. These dogs, bred and used at these few kennels, will have temperaments much like my own dogs, which Jon would, by his own admission, shoot, Yet, he lives vicariously through these few examples of the overall breed. Speaking of internet experts, you may have noticed that Jon is the one alluding to “what other do and have done”. Jon searches the internet to back up his claims. I don’t have to rely on what others have done. I can use my own dogs, which Jon would have shot, to make any points.
    Here is Odin as a young dog. Odin is the 2007 Nat’l Master fur dog from the Nationals in OH. Never been in a trial before and was the only one that passed. He was only the 16th dog in 22 years that passed.
    (My Comment: The Airedale Breed really IS in sorry shape isnt it, 16th in 22 yrs to track a coon 300 meters??, And DD breeders dont breed FOR big game, but ALL Game, and for hardness, which is present all across the breed)

    You may notice the dentistry carried by dogs that are bred for full contact sport with dangerous game. The jaw strength is also up there in the realm of the bull breeds.
    -hicntry » Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:22 pm
    (COMMENT: Holding an ear doesnt require great bull breed strength, more courage and pain tolerance than anything else, which your dogs lack, 25lb patterdales and jagds hold hogs 6xs their size)

    ‘Your dogs would never pass if they had big game in the test Jon. You can consider yourself lucky enopugh to thoroughly enjoy living vicariously through others dogs.
    As I said before Jon. you can put your dogs down next to mine any day of the week and my dogs won’t hurt your dogs. They have never been aggressive with lesser dogs. You dog would have to jump mine and we both know they don’t they will never have the sand for that. As I said before, you have no idea opf what a social dominate dog even is.
    -hicntry » Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:18 pm

    DD’s can find them with no problem I assume, but as far as going toe to toe, you were right when you said more DD’s would get killed than airedales. That is simpley saying they are not equipped properly for the game. That isn’t a derogatory statement Jon, I have nothing against DD’s, it is just the plain fact. And you do live vicariously through the other kennels you surf up on the net. You may think it is the norm for the breed, but, unless the dogs are bred as specialists over many years, they won’t survive. That doesn’t make for a good big game dog. I say you live vicariously because your dogs won’t hunt dangerous and you never offer any evidence they will actually do anything. All you have offered for years is a bunch of lip service and links to others kennels to back you up. Show everyone what your dogs have done or give it a rest.
    -hicntry » Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:18 pm
    (COMMENT: Correct, DDs are harder and therefore more apt to be injured engaging)

    DD and SJ Test ‘expert’ hc yet again, even though hes never seen a DD, or SJ test”
    -hicntry » Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:34 am
    You can read right here what the test for hogs consists of. One test the dog is disqualified for biting the hog. They are bay only dogs. The other they have to catch what, an 80 lb hog???? Jon leaves one with the impression they are huge hogs. 80 lb hogs are shoats by most “real hunters” standards. I take them away from my dogs and turn them loose so they can at least grow up. Besides that, you can’t judge a dog from a hunt tower because you don’t see anything until the hog is driven to the opening at the tower. Jon seems to have a tough time with the concept of “big game”. Killing 80 lb piggies from a stand is not big game hunting son. In the pictures I put up there is a bear on the stairwell wall. 350lbs bear that I waded into the fight and put a 44mag against his back and killed because I had two dogs hanging on his face and he had a hold of one. That is big game hunting Jon….not hiding up in an elevated stand watching someone elses dogs…..fantasizing.

    I am also wondering what the name your dogs go under Jon. There has to be a site that give the info on the dogs tested, I would like to see if you have actually tested any of your dogs on the piggy test because you failed to mention that it isn’t mandatory. Just a minor oversight I am sure….like the 80 lb shoats. Is there a test site for these DD’s. :crazyeyes: :crazyeyes:😆 For some reason you stick like glue in these debates until YOUR dogs are brought up then you decide to take the high road and disappear. What is with that??
    (COMMENT: See Blog Post on Hardness Testing, the SJ Test is covered, with photos, 80# is a bare minimum, most are twice that size, know that other smaller breeds than DDs like wachtelhunds and small munsterlanders also run, 80# is double that size, similar to US hog bay test.

    Postby hicntry » Sat Feb 12, 2005 7:35 pm ‘Al, the redlines will track and bay, so will hounds and stock dogs. What separated the airedales was grit. I have yet to see a slick (airdale) dog with fur in it’s mouth that wasn’t dead before they took hold. There is a difference in the grit that I have seen but that is what separated the airedale from other breeds. At best, they are a small varmint dog, IMHO.hicntry

    Postby matt » Fri Feb 18, 2005 6:40 pm ‘you know Don you are so full of crap it’s sad. How long have I known you? 10yrs.? Say anything to sell your dogs, you have hit a all time low bad mouthing my dogs. My dogs will hunt more game then yours do and hunt more often then yours, and they can hunt with OTHER dogs. CAN yours? Your “IMHO” isn’t worth the paper to wipe with. How many of your dogs go to hunters? Not many. That is a fact!

    hicntry ;Do I sell to a lot of hunters, no, they don’t want to pay the price for a dog that may not survive the first hunt. Then again, I will give dogs to real hunters like Bob. It is the wanna be’s that don’t want to pay for the learning experience. It has been said that the redlines stand a much better chance of surviving. Why, because they Lack the Grit for the most part.Now as far as yours hunting more than mine??? That may be true….so they should show me more. Then again,maybe it isn’t.’
    (COMMENT: Really? Your dogs are no more, and actually less than that of a decent DD, PP, Longhaar and/or Jagd, maybe youre just interested in moving pups to make a profit!!?)

    hicntry » Sun Feb 20, 2005 11:45 am ‘ These guys are just not satisfied with the fact they can do some things well. They are trying to make a silk puses out of sows ears. The others side is true also, my dogs will never make tolling dogs because they are big and intimidating.. I don’t like my dogs Catching but they do it sometimes. Smaller hogs 100 to 125lbs, will be ruined if you don’t get the dogs quick. The hams, backstraps and shoulders will be bloodshot. I have also spent lots of money at the vets. A good bay job accomplishes the same thing without any injuries. You ask what I expect of my dogs. I expect them to push the game and keep them from running. Much of the time they have to get in and put the teeth to them, generally working opposite sides to keep the game turning and defending. I don’t like them hanging on….that is when the get hurt. It doesn’t take most long to learn that. When it comes to coyotes, coons and the such, if they stand back and bay, they are of no use to me and are out of here. They will never be able to anchor a 300lb hog and keep him from running. Mind you, there are many little dogs that can because they get in and grab the nut sack and a hig will sit right down and not move. The catch is, they have to at least have enough grit to get close enough to do it. Baying 25lb coyotes and 15lb bobcats from a distance tells me they will never get close enough to something that outweighs them by 6 times to do it. I am objective enough to see all my dogs are not the same.

    Winchester, Higgins, and Hunter are straight up kill dogs when it comes to small game under 40lbs. They are fast and leathal. They don’t all have the same ability to kill as effectively. They crush anything they get hold of. I mentioned dogs that suffer a lot of damage to the hindquarters. These dogs have all been injured. Hogs are rough and don’t climb trees. All damage has been in the face, neck, chest, front legs, and front part of the rib cage. Winchester was hooked in the hip once….they were fighting multiple hogs(we killed the four that day in the one picture) That day he was thrown 8 ft in the air, broke the two canines on the right side when he hit the ground, and was severely hooked in the stomach and had to be opened up at vets to see if the intestins were punctured.
    (COMMENT: Bullshit detector going off yet? Call of the Wild fiction.)

    He spoke of depredation permits recently but didnt know their expiration:
    by hicntry » Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:55 pm ‘ Just got back from the Dept of Fish and Game. Got the depredation permit and was shocked that it is good until Dec,31. I thought they were only good for 30 to 60 days.Unlimited take an no tags…until next year….doesn’t get much better than that.’

  10. Buddyboy says:

    A Coyote Hunter that owns a DD and hunts coyotes with his says:
    ‘Both of mine will fight anything you put them on and love to sink their teeth into fur. They are very gritty. My female is the gritty of the two and has had some very serious injuries from fighting coyotes. She likes to dominate them from the top and tends to get ripped up on her flanks and belly from coyotes under her, but she stays and has gives back very well. She also will howl at a booger and has a great record of bringing them in when calls fail.’

  11. Buddyboy says:

    A few more Broke Back Mountain highcountry gems..

    hicntry » Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:40 pm
    ‘ The last dog I used like this had a heck of a lot of hogs chalked up and he never did bark. He had a bad experience at about 1 year old and never cared for hogs much after that. He did know that was what we were looking for and walked me to truck load of them using this method but he worked really close. Being silent he didn’t spook the hogs but, since he didn’t like them, I was usually within 10 to 20 yards when he would come to a dead stop and just stare into the brush. The big question with Magnum is, once he knows the game, will he still work as close or will he start running the track and leave me way behind. Time will tell.’
    (COMMENT-1 bad experience and he curred. So much for grit!!

    Re: Hardness Testing
    Postby Wolfgang to (little man) Highcountry» Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:31 pm
    I’m not the one who always has his mouth open like a barndoor on here and is bragging about his dogs and I’m in no way interested what your dogs do but it really sucks to listen to the bull$#*! you are spreading on here!lean back enjoy your favorite whiskey and watch your dogs doing the things you are bragging about,but please leave us alone with all your expertise about things you know alot of nothing about! nobody on here is interested in the magic AD its a versatile gundog forum and not terrier central or anything alike.
    Come back and post when you have trained and handeled and hunted your first versatile gundog and maybe have performed a couple of tests we are all interested in and not your Micky Mouse tests nobody is interested in and THAN you may catch the interest of the crowd on here.Until than you are nothing but a bullshitter whos favorite interedt is to stir the pot and talk crap.


    Kyle to (asshole) highcountry » Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:40 pm
    bull$#*!! You don’t even hunt anymore and most of your dogs have never seen game. You never did hunt your females. Remember? When a dog is in a fracas with vermin or big game and you don’t have a gun, there isn’t a lot you can do for them. Taking pictures or video doesn’t cause your dog to get hurt. If every dog in your yard killed a badger or a coon you would be posting pictures. If catching vermin was a regular event for you, you wouldn’t get so excited about one of your customers baying up a badger until he could shoot it. You were pretty quick to post pictures of that coyote pup you shot or that squirrel your pups were wooling. If your dogs killed something we would know about it.
    Originally you thought the HN was dumb because we didn’t use challenging enough game, now all of your dogs are tested in the field, on what? We would prefer to test our dogs in the field but sometimes you just can’t run into anything so you stage it. The main thing is that you need a witness and the dog needs to prove they really can do it.

  12. Buddyboy says:

    Hog Hunter in Arkansas is trying to improve the airedale, by crossing VDD Drahthaars with Game bred Pitbulls and Jagds. His comment on this, reports that the DDs were much harder than the hunting line airedales on hogs and why he used DDs. This is partly why the DD has such strict registry and breed certifications. To avoid mongrelizing our great breeds into a cur airedale to re create it.

  13. Buddyboy says:

    The Jagds this breeder is using for his new & improved airedale, they were DQd from this bay test for catching and contact…

  14. Buddyboy says:

    May I remind all readers that this blog was and is a Response to years of crap, bullying, baiting, trolling and spewing lies from the little man and silly person aka highcountry. At no time, anywhere, prior to this blog, did owners of DDs, DKs, PPs, Munsters, Jagds or Wachtelhunds claim supiority or ‘run down’ airedales or highcountry’s dogs, but Im doing that now based on what Ive seen and heard.
    The opposite is true. And for that, after years of abuse and lies, he was/is called on it, here.
    He spent years running down our dogs, our breed club and our system. This blog is simply about truths. If airedale owners are happy with their dog, and breeders are honest with their product, thats fine by me. But I want informed consumers and objective discussion about hunting, grit and hardness..
    I welcome comments and post them without edit. Im not PC, so have at it.
    Unlike a PC forum where his ignorance and belligerence is tolerated, it is not here, without a 2 sided discussion and critical expose. Go enjoy your dogs

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